How Dhan built a seamless onboarding and DDPI process for its customers with Leegality

The story of why Dhan decided to move from an ESP-reliant process to Leegality’s Document Infrastructure for their digital customer onboarding process

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“From procurement to handling to digitizing to affixing on the DDPI -the entire end-to-end process for stamping is handled by Leegality in a very, very smooth manner. Plus it's compliant withstamping law -which is very important.”

Anirudha Basak,

Product Manager @ Dhan

Quick look at our work with Dhan

Faster Stamping

Stamp papers are ready to be used in as less as a week

Better Visibility

Real time update on whether signer’s mobile is linked with Aadhaar

Customizable Templates

Leegality Template Engine is very customizable

Always Live

Leegality automatically switches to backup ESPs- so downtime is negligible

Legally compliant DDPI process

Leegality handles end-to-end stamping process in a compliant manner

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Dhan’s Leegality-powered process provides a robust stamping solution for DDPI- Read the detailed story for free to find out-

Anirudha Basak, Product Manager at Dhan spoke to us about-

Why the customer onboarding paperwork in the stock broking industry needs to be digitized
Problems Dhan faced with a direct connection with an ESP
How did Dhan decide to go ahead with Leegality
Dhan’s new Leegality-powered process for Customer onboarding and DDPI Approvals
The business benefits of Leegality driven onboarding for Dhan
Dhan’s experience with Leegality’s Services Teams
Dhan's favourite features of Leegality