Track, analyze and boost the ROI from your document execution processes

Unprecedented visibility over your digital paperwork process

Monitor eSign and eStamp consumption

Pinpoint user drop-offs

Generate precise ROI reports

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2000+ Indian businesses - from high-growth unicorns to the largest banks - use Leegality to go paperless

Axis finance POC
“Leegality’s Automated Reports feature is essential to monitor the overall usage and consumption matrix. When you come to office everyday – you see an automated email telling you how much conversion has happened the previous day. This helps both the management as well as operations team to measure the success of the tool. We are doing extensive analysis of the MIS reports now to see how the digital execution process can help with other use cases”

Dhairya Shah,

COO @ Axis Finance

Leegality Paperwork Analytics gives you all the data you need to critically evaluate and improve your digital document processes

Mis Report

Setup custom automated MIS reports directly in your inbox

Schedule automated MIS reports in the frequency of your choice - daily, weekly or monthly. Customize the exact details that your report will contain.


Track real time status of documents with Live Activity Logs

Access detailed activity logs and document status LIVE through the Leegality Dashboard.


Quarterly ROI Review

Get a quarterly report on the performance of your Leegality implementation and the ROI you’ve achieved with solid, real-world data from the platform.


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