How ASK Investment Managers is using digital document workflows to slash the time it takes to onboard new investors by 80%

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“The kind of paper handling within the office you used to see is now almost dead. And now, even at the month end or quarter end or the year end in March, we're not bothered about the efficiency. We can manage now, not an issue.”

Umesh Parshetye,

Chief Technology Officer @ ASK Group

Quick look at our work with ASK Investment Managers

High scalability

ASK has been able to scale up AUM without increasing its team size

Super fast disbursals

Paperwork for PMS investor onboarding now takes 3 days instead of 21 days

Reduction in TAT

AIF agreement TAT now takes 5-7 minutes

Happy customers

Dramatically improved customer/DSA satisfaction

Improved work-life balance of team

Productivity and work-life balance of their sales and ops teams have improved significantly

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An interview with ASK Group’s Chief Technology Officer discussing:

Detailed visualizations of ASK’s workflows Before and After Leegality
How ASK is using specific Leegality Features
How digital document execution has become a game-changer for ASK
ASK’s experience with Leegality’s support and implementation team
Why ASK partnered with Leegality instead of any cheaper partner