How Axis Finance is using Leegality to reduce loan disbursal time for personal and business loans by 60%

Axis finance casestudy
“Leegality has been a game changer for our frontend Sales Team. We have got a lot of appreciation and acknowledgement about how seamless life has become for them after Leegality”

Dhairya Shah,

COO @ Axis Finance

Quick look at our work with Axis Finance

Minimal manual effort

Every 30 minutes, Axis Finance Ops team populates and stamps multiple loan agreements simultaneously with minimal manual effort using Leegality’s Excel Upload Feature

No hassles

Customers and DSAs receive pre-filled loan agreements to their phone via  SMS/Email - eliminating the problem of “blank form signing”

Targets met easily

Customers/DSAs and Axis Finance receive the final agreements within 15 seconds of signing

Fast and efficient

Customers and DSAs can eSign the paperwork in less than a minute from anywhere and anytime

Securely stored on servers

Agreement Kits and Audit Trail are securely stored instantly on Axis Finance’s servers - and easily retrievable through Axis’ LOS

Axis finance casestudy

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In this case study, we speak to Axis Finance's Head of Projects about:

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How digital document execution has transformed the customer experience
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