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“Leegality has been a game changer for our frontend Sales Team. We have got a lot of appreciation and acknowledgement about how seamless life has become for them after Leegality”
Dhairya Shah
Head of Projects @ Axis Finance
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Axis Finance is a wholly owned direct subsidiary of Axis Bank.
It offers a wide variety of loan products for individuals and businesses alike.

Axis seeks to differentiate itself from a highly competitive market by offering unique customer-centric loan journeys with
a continuous focus on digital transformation and operating on a strategic branch led model with lean structures flow.

The Paper Challenge

Before Axis Finance can disburse a loan, it needs to get a lot of paperwork signed by the borrower.

However doing this physically was an intense logistical exercise that caused challenges for Axis Finance:
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  • High turn-around times for paperwork
  • Collecting physical signatures from customers was a logistical nightmare for their ops team
  • Physical Stamp procurement and reconciliation required a lot of effort
  • Inventory Management during and after document execution resulted in added costs
  • Hard for their sales team to reach customers due to the pandemic
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“The overall process was very cumbersome and it used to take 3 to 5 days to get just one agreement executed”
Dhairya Shah
Head of Projects @ Axis Finance


Axis Finance worked with Leegality to build 100% digital workflows for their loan and DSA onboarding paperwork.

Axis Finance developed a unique Leegality Workflow:

1. Every 30 minutes, Axis Finance Ops team populates and stamps multiple loan agreements simultaneously with minimal manual effort using Leegality’s Excel Upload Feature

2. Customers and DSAs receive pre-filled loan agreements to their phone via  SMS/Email - eliminating the problem of “blank form signing”

3. Customers and DSAs can eSign the paperwork in less than a minute from anywhere and anytime

4. Customers/DSAs and Axis Finance receive the final agreements within 15 seconds of signing

5. Agreement Kits and Audit Trail are securely stored instantly on Axis Finance’s servers - and easily retrievable through Axis’ LOS
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“Through this process, our TAT on disbursement has reduced by almost 60% with a fully paperless journey”
Dhairya Shah
Head of Projects @ Axis Finance

Business Impact

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Agreements are executed in minutes rather than days
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Warehousing and Transport Costs, risk of damage are eliminated completely
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No more physical stamp paper procurement hassles
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Dramatically improved customer/DSA satisfaction
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Productivity and work-life balance of their sales and ops teams have improved significantly

Don’t take our word for it -
read our full interview with Axis Finance’s Head of Projects

Read our full Axis Finance Case Study

In this case study, we speak to Axis Finance's Head of Projects about:

  • Detailed visualisations of Axis Finance’s workflows Before and After Leegality
  • How Axis Finance is using specific Leegality Features
  • How digital document execution has transformed the customer experience
  • Axis Finance’s experience with Leegality’s support and implementation team

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