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Leegality Consent Manager

Automate Consent Management, Ease DPDP Compliance

  • India’s new data protection law imposes stringent requirements and imposes strict penalties up to 250 cr.

  • Your current processes for lead generation, user onboarding and vendor management require a massive overhaul. 

  • Easily switch to DPDP compliant processes using Leegality’ Consent Manager.

Easily collect Consent anywhere, Enforce  everywhere

THE DPDP Act is coming and you are probably not prepared

Do you send marketing communication without explicit user consent?
Do you process user data without verifiable consent records?

Do you source user data in bulk from third parties?

Do you share user data with third parties without user consent?

Do you retain user data after fulfillment of defined purpose?

Do you not give users the right to access, update or erase their data?

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DPDP Compliance Tips

Appoint a dedicated Data Protection Officer (DPO) to steer your DPDP compliance journey.

Conduct a thorough data audit to map out every personal data point across your systems.

Implement strict data retention policies: If you don't need it, delete it.

Provide explicit consent check-boxes against the relevant purposes during data collection.

Provide a portal for customers to manage their consent and make exercise of rights requests with ease.

Develop a clear protocol for responding to user requests for data access or deletion within stipulated timelines.

Document all data processing activities and consent collections to maintain a clear record for DPDP audits.

Establish a clear framework for age verification and parental consent for processing children's data.

Update your incident management policies to include DPDP- specific breach notification procedures.

Institute robust access controls and employee authentication mechanisms to limit access to personal data.

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Learn about Data Retention requirements under DPDP

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