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Pay only for successful eSigns

Don’t pay stamp duty when signer doesn’t sign

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Dedicated implementation experts to help you meet go-live timelines

Advanced document flows

Ideal for Indian business

Paperwork process vary from use case to use case

Book a free consultation with us - we’ll help you setup and test your first document flow for free

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Simple eSign

For only flows less than 50 per month. Access the platform for free and execute any number of documents with pay-as-you-go model

Pay only for what you use (min purchase of 100)

No subscription charges

Aadhaar eSign at ₹25/eSign

Secure virtual sign @ ₹15/eSign

Aadhaar eSign - OTP, Biometric, IRIS and Face

Sign and collect Indian Information Technology Act recognized electronic signatures on the fly through Aadhaar verification (OTP, fingerprint or retina face scan)

Secure Virtual Sign

Sign and collect stylus/ touchscreen drawn signatures authenticated electronically through a  phone/ e-mail OTP verification.

Secure Fingerprint Sign

Sign and collect digital signatures using a digital signature token

Fingerprint Virtual Sign

Collect fingerprint impressions as signatures electronically - in a compliant manner

₹ 75,000/year
Automated Virtual Sign

Automatically affix signatures on documents - useful for authorized signatories

₹ 75,000/year
Cloud DSC & Bulk Cloud DSC

Sign and collect digital signatures after a detailed, one-time Aadhaar or PAN based KYC by the signer. Useful as an alternative to DSC tokens for your authorised signatories.

₹ 75,000/year
Sign Upload

Collect wet-ink signatures electronically

₹ 75,000/year
Document Approver

Get internal sign offs and approvals with a click - in the same flow

₹ 75,000/year
Automated Doc Signer

Affix your company’s signatures automatically - at scale

₹ 75,000/year

The fastest and easiest way to plug into the government’s NeSL system

₹ 300,000/year
Automatic Paperwork
Document Assembly
Document Fraud Prevention
Security & Compliance
Branding & Communication
Document Operations
Reports & Analytics
Activity logs

get real time status updates on all your documents - signed and unsigned

Automated MIS reports

get automated daily, weekly and monthly reports about your team’s consumption and usage of Leegality

2 Report Free
3 Report Free
Additional reports (Add-on)

to be filled up on the document. not available

₹ 75,000/year/ additional report
₹ 75,000/year/ additional report
On demand data analytics

get detailed analytics about signer drop offs, ROI and more

Services and Support
Email and Phone Support

get resolution of common problems via email and phone

Critical Emergency Response

a round-the-clock team that will help you resolve mission critical emergencies

Dedicated Specialists

get 2 dedicated specialists to help you meet go-live timelines and expand ROI

Custom template designing

get templates designed by our inhouse expert team

25 pages free
₹ 500/additional page
200 pages free
₹ 500/additional page
500 pages free
₹ 500/additional page
1500 pages free
₹ 500/additional page
Document Translation Consultancy

get documents translate

₹ 4/word
₹ 4/word
₹ 4/word
₹ 4/word
Team training & implementation

Ensure your entire team is trained properly to use Leegality

Purchase of Doc Signer certificate via Verasys

hassle free procurement of Doc Signer

₹ 30,000/certificate
₹ 30,000/certificate
₹ 30,000/certificate
₹ 30,000/certificate

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2000+ Indian businesses - from high-growth unicorns to the largest banks - use Leegality to go paperless

"We can disburse more loans per branch centre per day. Thanks to this new digital paperwork process, our quantum of loans disbursed per branch has gone up by approximately 30% - from about 30-35 loans per day to 40-45 loans per day."

Shivaprakash D

Chief Technology Officer at IIFL Samasta

Axis finance POC
"Leegality has been a game changer for our frontend Sales Team. We have got a lot of appreciation and acknowledgement about how seamless life has become for them after Leegality”

Dhairya Shah

Head of Projects @ Axis Finance

"We went live in three weeks. From a technical perspective it was very easy to go live. While we are building out an API integration, for faster go to market we used Leegality Excel Journeys to go-live immediately."

Devang Badiyani

Joint General Manager, HDFC Ltd.

"Now our appointment letters reach people before the date of joining and we get a very clean and solid audit trail. We know at every point in time who has done what, when, and from which IP. The documentation is very solid"

Shruti Joshi

Senior Manager - Talent Acquisition & Employer Branding