India-compliant digital stamping in 25+ Indian States & UTs

Procure, store, and affix Stamp papers digitally

Use stamp
Use stamp series
Select stamp group

Affix Revenue Stamps

Activate revenue stamping

Real-time 100% digital Stamping with NeSL

Zero Stamp procurement hassles across 25+ States and UTs

Hawkeye visibility on Stamping operations and inventory

Legally pay variable percentage-based Stamp Duty

Use stamp
Use stamp group
Enter stamp duty

Zero Stamp wastage - reverse unused Stamps from drafts

Auto deletion of draft folder after
days of creation

2000+ Indian businesses - from high-growth unicorns to the largest banks - use Leegality to go paperless

Axis finance POC
"One of the major reasons we chose Leegality was that it resolved logistics and expense management issues that we were facing with the physical stamping process. In a typical stamping process – we’d have to coordinate with the stamping vendor, ensure inventory is available, give them denominations etc. All of this requires a lot of effort at our end. Leegality’s stamping addressed this problem completely."

Dhairya Shah

Head - Projects@ Axis Finance

“From procurement to handling to digitizing to affixing on the DDPI - the entire end to end process for stamping is handled by Leegality in a very, very smooth manner. Plus it is compliant with stamping law - which is very important.”

Anirudha Basak

Product Manager @ Dhan

"In the physical stamping process you have to pay and buy stamps. But if you enroll less merchants in a particular state - you will be left with a lot of unused stamp papers. With BharatStamp, we can optimize the usage and have less inventory tied up in stamp paper. This has helped us save at least 30% in inventory value of stamps"

Ritesh Chatterjee

Chief Distribution Officer -Bharat Money Stores

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