Access the Leegality API Documentation and Webhook Documentation


We’re excited to share this comprehensive API Reference Guide with you- designed to simplify your integration with Leegality’s APIs. This guide is tailored for both technical and business teams - providing step-by-step instructions on how to start using Leegality APIs.

What will you find in this guide?

  • Essentials to interact with Leegality APIs

  • Creating eSign requests

  • How to set up Leegality’s Webhooks

  • Identifying and resolving common Webhook errors

  • Fetching details of executed documents

  • Using SDKs to integrate the signing journey within your application

In addition to essential APIs - we have also covered some add-on APIs. These will enable you to use functionalities like-

  • Deleting documents

  • Reactivating expired documents

  • Resending specific notifications

  • Checking stamp details

  • Managing invitations

Next, there is a section on how to enhance your data protection with features like payload encryption, webhook authentication, private salt, and IP whitelisting.

With the help of this API Reference Guide, we aim to help you navigate through our APIs with ease. We encourage your feedback and suggestions to make this guide a useful and comprehensive resource- A one-stop solution for all your needs concerning Leegality APIs.

NOTE: This reference guide currently contains information for users integrating the APIs using Workflows.