Digitize your MSME Loan Documentation in Minutes

With Leegality, MSME lenders can switch to digital paperwork in a fast, easy and compliant way - and ensure the following benefits:
Accelerate Loan Disbursals: Shave days off your loan cycles with instant digital documentation
Cut Operational Costs: Eliminate the need for physical storage, printing, and manual handling.
Enhance Compliance: Secure eSign, compliant digital stamping and fraud prevention technology ensure your documentation meets the gold standard for RBI audits and recovery proceedings

Trusted by 100+ top MSME lenders

Tradesmart_Pravin Dubey
“The new Leegality process helps boost productivity 3-4 times - freeing up precious man-hours. It also accelerates the disbursement process by cutting down the lead time for the customer to execute the loan kit and also the lead time at our end to process the signed copy. This helps us achieve exponential AUM growth without significantly increasing the headcount”

Ajit K Menon,

Vice President and Head of Operations

With Leegality, you can build a fast 4 step digital process
for your MSME loan paperwork

Tradesmart_Pravin Dubey
“Through the Leegality process,  our TAT on Disbursement has reduced by almost 60% with a fully paperless journey”

Dhairya Shah

COO @ Axis Finance

It’s fast and easy to get started with Leegality

Configure MSME Loan Document Workflow on the Leegality dashboard without IT/Tech involvement

With Leegality Smart Workflows, business teams can configure and save the entire document journey in a repeatable workflow using just a mouse and keyboard
With the Leegality Dashboard, your business and product teams can manage eSign/eStamp inventory, edit workflows, analyze conversion data and more without your IT/tech team
Step 1

Run workflow at scale without an API integration

Leegality gives Field/Branch Officers an easy front-end where they can send out a document for signing in a few clicks
Leegality also gives Central Offices the ability to send out thousands of documents for signing at once with an Excel File Upload
Step 2

Integrate the Leegality API into your app and web interfaces

Complete integration in a day
Business teams can make changes to the API flow via the dashboard - without IT/tech involvement
Get an elegant and accessible eSign interface directly in your own flows with our flexible SDKs
Step 3


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Tradesmart_Pravin Dubey
“The success of any digital innovation can be measured in one simple way- how well can a non-IT person connect with the system and work seamlessly. We feel that Leegality platform scores full marks in this section. Currently, it’s being managed by the Operations Department with minimal support required from the core IT support team.”

Dhairya Shah

COO @ Axis Finance