How Vivriti Capital Used Leegality To Accelerate The Growth Of Its Loan Book

Vivriti Capital’s story of how they digitized their loan paperwork for 10x faster disbursals

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“The new Leegality process helps boost productivity 3-4 times - freeing up precious man-hours. It also accelerates the disbursement process by cutting down the lead time for the customer to execute the loan kit and also the lead time at our end to process the signed copy. This helps us achieve exponential AUM growth without significantly increasing the headcount”

Ajit K Menon,

Vice President and Head of Operations @ Vivriti Group

Quick look at our work with Vivriti Capital

Lightning Fast Disbursals

What used to take 3 hours earlier now takes 5 minutes. That’s a 10x faster process for digital lending after Leegality

Faster Growth of Loan Book

With digital execution, they could double their loans per month and increase their AUM growth.

Liberated from paperwork

Vivriti officers now spend hours extra everyday focused on core work such as originations, collections, auditing and risk management.

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Ajit K Menon - Vice President and Head of Operations @ Vivriti Group tells us about:

The problems with physical paperwork
Vivriti’s new digital flow after Leegality
How exactly has Vivriti transformed the way it does loan disbursement through Leegality
Why does Vivriti use Leegality via Dashboard instead of an API integration
Why did Vivriti Capital choose Leegality