How Airtel Payments Bank used Leegality to keep business flowing during the 2020 Lockdown


Payments Bank

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Business Correspondent Onboarding Documentation

Features Used

Automated Workflows

Face Capture

Bharat Stamp

Bharat Sign
(DSC Sign, Aadhaar eSign, Virtual eSign)

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The seamless process offered by Leegality for the digital execution of the agreements is commendable. It is easy to use and saves time.

What adds to the complete experience is the attitude of the Leegality team, who went out of the way to help us during this period. They are proactive and always available to resolve our queries
Anshoo Sharma
Head of Legal @ Airtel Payments Bank
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Airtel Payments Bank is India’s first Payments Bank. It was launched to support the cashless revolution. It  aims to give every Indian access to an equal, effective and trustworthy banking experience.

Since its inception, Airtel Payments Bank has built a physical presence across the country with over 500,000 banking points to cater to an ever-increasing customer base of over 40 million.

Airtel Payments Bank offers its services through an extensive network of ‘Business Correspondents’.

As a process, a Business Correspondent has to sign a contract to get enrolled with the Bank. But the entire process was physical.
Physical execution of these key documents was a challenge during the COVID-19 Lockdown.
“Starting with procurement of a stamp paper to printing, scanning and stamping of the agreements became a challenge during this Lockdown.”

“A lot of things are dependent on Agreement execution – the onboarding of a partner, a client and many more business requirements depends on it.”
Anshoo Sharma
Head of Legal
Airtel Payments Bank
Leegality Solution
“I'm enabling my customer to just put one signature rather than putting 10 to 12 signatures.”

“I am also unlocking the productivity and time of my wealth managers.”

“From a sustainability perspective – we are helping mother nature by not wasting paper.”
Anshoo Sharma
Head of Legal
Airtel Payments Bank

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