Ensure your digital document journeys are fraud-proof

Establish the signer’s identity

Capture the signer’s consent

Provide the evidence of eSign

Enforce the document

2000+ Indian businesses - from high-growth unicorns to the largest banks - use Leegality to go paperless

AI-powered Aadhaar Smart Name Verification

Prevent signers from using someone else’s Aadhaar to sign

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Two Factor Authentication

Prevent unauthorized document access with mandatory OTP-based access

Face Match

Capture, match & verify the signer’s face when they’re eSigning the document

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Local Language Consent

Capture consent from the signer in 10 Indian languages to show they read & understood the terms of the document

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Pre-Filled Templates

Prevent blank form signing by the agent with template auto-populate and lock.

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GeoFenced eSign

Ensure the signing happens in a permitted area such as the company branch with GeoFenced eSignatures

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Evidence Act-compliant Secure Audit Trail

Ensure easy and anxiety-free regulatory audits and court enforcement

Access Restrictions

Set access-based roles for your team to prevent agents from executing unauthorized documents

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Tradesmart_Pravin Dubey
"Today there’s an audit trail. We know from which IP the signing was done. There is a photograph of the customer doing it. So this gives a huge confidence that we can scale our business without fearing any error or any comments in audit, which in the future can bite us back"

Abey Abraham

Head - Housing Loan & Mortgages

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