How TradeSmart is reducing its customer onboarding time by over 90% with completely digital document flows

The story of how TradeSmart, a broking firm, completely digitized its customer onboarding journey with Leegality

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“The earlier physical journey was a very time-consuming process. It took around two to three days to process the account of any client. The current process takes less than 15 minutes”

Pravin Dubey,

Head of Sales @ TradeSmart

Quick look at our work with Tradesmart

Super fast

They now onboard customers within just 2-3 hours

Zero mistakes

All forms are being filled digitally.. Mistakes, if any, can be rectified immediately

Happy customers

Fully digital flows provided a smooth journey for your clients

Get more customers

VNS employees are liberated from paperwork and can focus on getting in more customers

Reach out to customers anytime, anywhere

Customers can now get onboarded from anywhere – all they need is an internet connection.

All your documents in one place

Easily store and retrieve any document from your document management server

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We sat down with Sandip Desai, Head of Strategic Initiatives @ TradeSmart and Pravin Dubey, Head of Sales @ TradeSmart to discuss:

The role of paperwork in TradeSmart’s customer onboarding journey
The problems of a physical customer onboarding journey
TradeSmart’s new simple Leegality powered digital customer onboarding journey
The big business benefits of Tradesmart’s new digital customer onboarding process
How Leegality’s Aadhaar Smart Name Verification feature is helping prevent frauds in customer onboarding
Interaction with Leegality’s support and account management teams