How Tata AIG reduced turnaround time for legal paperwork by 95%

“Signatures used to take 10 working days to two weeks. So after the agreement is closed, you tell the opposite party, “you're supposed to print, you're supposed to pay stamp duty.” Then they'll go around hunting for stamp papers and pay stamp duty. They'll do the printing, they'll take signature, and that will be couriered and will be sent across to us. Then you take signatures from your own signing authority. The best-case scenario is two weeks. Nothing less than this”

Sunil Khichar, DVP

Legal & Secretarial, TATA AIG General Insurance

Quick look at our work with TATA AIG

Super fast disbursals

Paperwork now takes at the most half a day instead of 2 weeks

Reduced attrition

A significant drop in loss of man-days due to digital document execution

No hassles

No more physical stamp paper procurement hassles

Improved work-life balance of team

Productivity and work-life balance of their teams have improved significantly

Reduced cost

Printing, Stationery and Storage Costs have been reduced drastically

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TATA AIG’s old physical process
Challenges posed by the old physical process
How TATA AIG not only solved the paper problem but also solved the problem that arose due to the tool used earlier.
TATA AIG’s new Leegality powered digital paperwork process
The business and compliance benefits of the new digital flow
Their interaction with Leegality’s support and account management teams