How CredAvenue reduced their post-sanction loan disbursal TAT by over 80%

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CredAvenue is India’s largest debt marketplace. They act as a “matchmaker” for borrowers and lenders assisting borrowers in finding lenders and vice-versa, thereby helping ensure that the supply of credit meets the demand for it.

CredAvenue facilitates debt through multiple products – commercial paper, bonds, asset backed securities, supply chain finance, NCDs etc – helping individuals and companies of all sizes raise debt in the manner best suited to their needs.

CredAvenue USP is offering a pure-play digital experience for lenders and borrowers.
“The borrowers are spread across India. So after sanction, the to and fro of documents will take approximately 4-5 days. And then the limits setting process – and limits going live will take another couple of days

So it’s a 7 day journey post-sanction.”
Rahul Roy
Head of Sales
Supply Chain Financing @ Cred Avenue
Leegality Solution

“Leegality has crashed the timelines significantly. We have brought down our paperwork cycle from 4 to 5 days to one day through Leegality”

Rahul Roy
Head of Sales
Supply Chain Financing @ Cred Avenue

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