How Airtel slashed its LCO partner onboarding time from 20 days to 2 minutes

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We chose Leegality because we could start using it the very next day.
Ravi Bajaj
Senior Product Manager @ Airtel X Labs
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Bharti Airtel Limited is a leading global telecommunications company with operations in 18 countries across Asia and Africa. Airtel ranks amongst the top 3 mobile service providers globally in terms of subscribers. In India, the company's product offerings include 2G, 3Gand 4G wireless services, mobile commerce, fixed line services, high-speed home broadband, DTH, etc.

Airtel’s LCO (Local Cable Operator) vertical, which is a subsidiary of its fixed-line services, has been tasked with onboarding partners across the country. These partners, usually local cable or internet operators, act as sales channels through which Airtel provides its broadband services to the end consumer.

The Paper Challenge

Since the inception of Airtel’s LCO business vertical, two years ago, document execution was all pen, pencil, and paper.

Airtel’s business development manager(BDM) would visit the LCO partners at their premises in order to process and get paperwork signed physically.

After this paperwork was signed, BDMs would need to process, verify and store the agreements safely.

This physical agreement process created huge problems:
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  • Delayed revenue due to high turnaround times for onboarding caused by physical
  • Their Business Development Managers had to travel just to get paperwork signed - reducing the time they had for actually managing customer relationships
  • Physical Stamp procurement and Inventory Management consumed operational bandwidth and added to costs
  • Hard for their business development team to reach customers due to the pandemic
  • Physical processes were not optimized to handle large scale documentation
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So in this [paper-based] lifecycle, it used to take 15-20 days to onboard just one partner.
Ravi Bajaj
Senior Product Manager @ Airtel X Labs
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Airtel worked with Leegality to build 100% digital workflows for their LCO partner onboarding paperwork.

We helped Airtel create a unique documentation workflow:

  • LCO Partners receive pre-filled loan agreements on their phone via SMS/Email - eliminating the problem of travelling.
  • LCO partners can eSign the paperwork in less than a minute from anywhere and anytime
  • LCO Partners and Airtel receive the final agreements within 15 seconds of signing
  • Agreement Kits and Audit Trails are securely stored instantly - with both Airtel and their LCO partners
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We just send the LCO a signing invite via SMS or an email that reaches him. He clicks on
that. He signs on that. It reaches the Airtel authority, he signs on that. And the partnership onboarding is done.

We did a time-motion analysis, and I think it now takes less than two minutes.
Ravi Bajaj
Senior Product Manager @ Airtel X Labs

Business Impact

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More eSign Choice

Revenue Loss due to delayed operations has dropped significantly

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Digital Stamping in 25+ States

Paperwork now takes 2 minutes instead of 20 days

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Tailor-made for legal teams

Storage and Logistical Costs are eliminated completely

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Prevent signature fraud

No more physical stamp paper procurement hassles

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Eliminate signer drop-offs

Airtel can easily get modifications and revisions signed by all their partners effortlessly

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More signers

Their business development team is now able to spend more time in managing and improving customer relationships

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So [with digital execution] the LCO can start selling tomorrow morning for us. For example, 4:30 he has signed it, 4:31 he can start selling for us. He also gets the revenue from day one, and we also get our share. We don't need to wait for 15, 20 days to churn out that revenue.
Ravi Bajaj
Senior Product Manager @ Airtel X Labs

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In this case study, we speak to Airtel X Labs’ Senior Product Manager about:

  • How digital documentation has helped Airtel increase revenue
  • How Airtel is using specific Leegality Features
  • How digital document execution has become a game-changer for Airtel’s BD team.
  • Airtel’s experience with Leegality’s support and implementation team.

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