How Airtel slashed its LCO partner onboarding time from 20 days to 2 minutes

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“We just send the LCO a signing invite via SMS or an email that reaches him. He clicks onthat. He signs on that. It reaches the Airtel authority, he signs on that. And the partnership onboarding is done.We did a time-motion analysis, and I think it now takes less than two minutes.”

Ravi Bajaj,

Senior Product Manager @ Airtel X Labs

Quick look at our work with Airtel

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Revenue Loss due to delayed operations has dropped significantly

Digital Stamping in 25+ States

Paperwork now takes 2 minutes instead of 20 days

Tailor-made for legal teams

Storage and Logistical Costs are eliminated completely

Prevent signature fraud

No more physical stamp paper procurement hassles

Eliminate signer drop-offs

Airtel can easily get modifications and revisions signed by all their partners effortlessly

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Their business development team is now able to spend more time in managing and improving customer relationships

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How digital document execution has become a game-changer for Airtel’s BD team.
Airtel’s experience with Leegality’s support and implementation team.