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for eSign in India

BharatSign is the fastest, easiest and most secure way for businesses in India to sign and collect electronic signatures on agreements, forms and other documents.
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The customer signing process is so simple now. There is no DSA calling them, they don't need to plan or co-ordinate for a physical visit anymore. They can sign in comfort right from their sofa using their mobile or computer. Its so seamless and simple - they view document, enter their Aadhaar number, get OTP, enter OTP and done.
Dhairya Shah
Head - Projects @ Axis Finance
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Payswiff recieves two key benefits from Leegality, First we receive digitally signed documents which are stored directly on our servers. Second, all documents are instantly signed which saves us a lot of time and which actually gives us a lot of benefit over our competitors in the market.
Prateek Rathi
Projects/Operations Manager @ Payswiff
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All eSign options available in India under ONE ROOF

Choose between Aadhaar eSign and a variety of other eSign options

Offer your customers, agents, vendors, employees, investors etc. all the possible IT Act eSign options when they sign documentation with you:

  • Aadhaar eSign (Online or XML)
  • DSC Token eSign
  • PAN eSign
  • NeSL

Collect Virtual Physical Signatures
in the blink of an eye

Don’t want to use Aadhaar or DSC eSign? Use our multi-factor authenticated Secure Virtual Sign:

  • SMS/Email OTP based authentication
  • Image Upload

BharatSign’s TOTAL AUTOMATION allows you to scale up eSign in your organization at scale

Liberate your team
from manual effort

Send documents to 1000s of signers in minutes simultaneously through Leegality’s Enterprise Dashboard. No integration or tech team bandwidth needed

No more manual
document verification

With Leegality’s Template Engine - you can eliminate errors and mistakes completely by pre-filling your documents directly from your LOS/LMS/CMS and other internal systems

Stop chasing authorized
signatories around

With Leegality's Automated Sign your authorized signatories can give standing orders for their signature to be affixed automatically

Make your DSC token
actually useful

With Bulk Sign - your DSC Token becomes a super weapon against paper. Sign up to 500 documents with a single click

Your legal and compliance teams can breathe easy

- Receive a comprehensive audit trail specifically tailored for the Indian Evidence Act

- Prevent signature fraud with eSign Verification, Face Capture and Geolocation capture

- Ensure 100% stamp duty compliance with Leegality BharatStamp

See how BharatSign can benefit you
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The platform provided to Arohan by Leegality captures live image, geo-coordinates, phone details and IP addresses of the customers when they e-sign a document. All these pieces of information are available and stored in the audit trail.This gives a lot of comfort to our compliance team
Arvind Murarka
Senior Vice President and Head - IT, Arohan Financial Services
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The process is fully secure and safe – with complete audit trail available
Dhairya Shah
Head - Projects @ Axis Finance
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BharatSign makes collecting signatures
the EASIEST part of doing business

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Go live

Our enterprise dashboard allows you to set up an eSign workflow in minutes without getting your tech team involved
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Pay only for
your successes

Unlike others, we don't charge you for API calls. We only charge you for successful eSigns. So you only pay when your document is signed.
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Your customers can sign
anywhere, anytime

India is a mobile-first country. With BharatSign, Your customers can sign anytime, anywhere directly from their mobile phones
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Ensure minimal

Signer drop offs cost your business.
That’s why we pay extra close attention to the end-signer experience.
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Round the
clock support

eSign is mission critical infrastructure for your business. Our dedicated support team’s got your back
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Easy API

Want to integrate Leegality with your existing software? Our Smart API is simple to set up - and requires minimal tech bandwidth
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Within half a day we could configure the setup when your tech lead was there, and that too on Saturday. That too on Saturday, on a weekend. That's the commitment your team has and hats off
Umesh Parshetye
Chief Technology Officer @ ASK Group
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Customer satisfaction has improved a lot – once they sign they get the agreement within 15 seconds of signing in their Mailbox
Dhairya Shah
Head - Projects @ Axis Finance
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The agent is sitting in the office and he is like literally sending a link to the customer, calling the customer and saying that "boss, I've sent you a link, can you please sign the document". So it's as simple as that.
Sahil Lakshmanan
Chief Business Officer @ Dhanvarsha Finvest
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An intuitive and user-friendly mobile-first signing experience

India is a mobile-first country. That’s why we crafted the signer experience with mobile as a priority.
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So while your business can create advanced eSign workflows using either our Dashboard or our API - your customers can sign in comfort anywhere and anytime directly from their mobile phones.

1500+ top businesses are already going paperless with Leegality.
What are you waiting for?

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Frequently Asked Questions

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eSign, or electronic signature, is a legally recognized and enforceable method of digitally signing documents. eSigns have helped do away with the need for physical signatures - enabling people and businesses to enter into agreements with parties located far away, in just a matter of seconds.
The most commonly used eSigns in India are Aadhaar eSign and DSC tokens.
Yes. eSigns rely on a complex underlying technology which makes them an extremely secure way of signing a document and entering into contracts. eSigns are based on a combination of asymmetric cryptographic system and hash functions, which assures the eSign user of the integrity of the signed document. This means that the document cannot be tampered with after the user has affixed his eSign. 
eSign is a legally valid method of digitally signing documents in India. Electronic signatures are explicitly recognised under section 3A of the Information Technology Act, 2000. 
Section 5 of the Information Technology Act provides electronic signatures the legal validity equivalent to that of physical signatures. In fact, electronic signatures are even more legally secure than physical signatures due to the presumptions existing in favour of the authenticity and correctness of electronic signatures under Sections 67A,85A, 85B, 85 C and 90A of the Indian Evidence Act, 1872. To know more, please see our detailed FAQs.
Non-eSign modes of electronic authentication like Click-wrap, Exchange of emails, physical image capture are quite risky and inconvenient because:
1. They don’t ensure the identity of the signer at the time of execution
2. They are hard to prove in Court
3. They are operationally inconvenient
eSigns on the other hand:
1. Ensure the identity of the signer
2. Are covered by presumptions of validity under the Evidence Act
3. Are operationally smooth
eSign can be used to eSign all types of documents.
The only exceptions are documents mentioned in Schedule I of the Information Technology Act, 2000 – which are:
1.  A negotiable instrument (other than a cheque) as defined in section 13 of the Negotiable Instrument Act, 1881 (26 of 1881).
2.  A power-of-attorney as defined in section 1A of the Powers-of-Attorney Act, 1882 (7 of 1882).
3.  A trust as defined in section 3 of the Indian Trust Act, 1882 (2 of 1882).
4.  A will as defined in clause (h) of section 2 of the Indian Succession Act, 1925 (39 of 1925),including any other testamentary disposition by whatever name called.
5.  Any contract for the sale or conveyance of immovable property or any interest in such property.

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