India- compliant
eSigns for every use case

2000+ Indian businesses - from high-growth unicorns to the largest banks - use Leegality to go paperless

eSign with Physical Signatures

Collect exact signatures digitally and match them with specimen signatures

Enterprise Grade Aadhaar eSign

Aadhaar eSign via OTP, IRIS, Biometric & NeSL - with multiple ESP Backups to ensure minimum downtime.

OTP on phone

Recieve OTP on Aadhaar registered phone no. or email

Biometric scan

Validate using thumb scan on external device

IRIS scan

Validate using IRIS scan on external device

Secure & Enforceable Virtual Sign

Signers doesn’t have a linked Aadhaar? Use our virtual signatures - backed by secure authentication



Automated Signatures for authorised signatories

Stop chasing your authorised signatories around. Use Leegality DocSigner or Automated Virtual Sign instead


eSign via fingerprint

Customer doesn’t have a signature? No problem. Collect signatures via Aadhaar biometric or Secure Fingerprint capture

Corporate eSign via DSC & Cloud DSC

Offer signers the option to sign with their DSC - or our new token-less option - Cloud DSC

Choose certificate for signing the document

Kiran K.

Leegality BharatSign is built to help you digitize in a compliant yet high-scale way

Compliant Digital Stamping

Get documents digitally stamped in a fast, compliant way in 29 States/UTs

Prevent Document Fraud

Prevent paperwork fraud easily with fraud prevention features like Face Match, Geofencing, Multi Factor Authentication and more

Plug into NeSL in a fast and easy way

Connect with the government’s NeSL system through a single, one-time integration to get inventory-less stamping, electronic bank guarantees and more

Fulfill internal ops and compliance needs in the same flow

With features like Reviewer Roles, Group Invites, Access Control, CC and more - ensure that your new digital process accommodates your old compliance process

Prevent drop offs with a customizable and accessible signer interface

Ensure signers have maximum trust and accessibility for your digital paperwork process with features like Local Language eSign Interfaces, eSign via Whatsapp, Custom Branding, Custom Consent Messages and more

Go-live in days with Automatic Paperwork

Go-live at scale without an API integration through our powerful Automatic Paperwork functionality. Integrate our API with minimal tech/IT involvement

Gain full visibility over your paperwork

With Paperwork Analytics, you get all the data you need to evaluate the performance and ROI of the Leegality process and make course corrections when necessary

Dedicated Paperwork Services Team

Get a dedicated services team that helps you go-live as per your timelines, resolves issues immediately when they arise and advises you on how to achieve maximum ROI through Leegality

Leegality BharatSign is built to help you digitize in a compliant yet high-scale way

file accept

Compliant Digital Stamping

Leegality BharatStamp offers India compliant Digital Stamping in over 25 Indian States and UTs.
- Stamp documents with - Leegality and    NeSL
- Affix Revenue Stamps
- Collect Stamp Duty


Plug into NeSL

Leegality is a preferred TSP of NeSL. With Leegality’s NeSL suite, you can easily integrate and go live with NeSL. Plug and play NeSL APIs with Leegality Dashboard
- eSign and eStamp with NeSL
- Store information in NeSL IU
- Execute Bank Guarantees
- Locker Agreements
- Non-lender and digital lender - flows
- Maker checker flows


In-person success managers

Leegality provides you a success manager who will help you drive ROI and meet internal KPIs.
- Email Support
- WhatsApp Support
- Call Support
- Emergency Support

Enhanced Enforceability & Security

Leegality fraud prevention suite is built to verify and ensure that the right signatures are collected from the right signers. This helps you to enforce documents.
- Ai-powered Face Capture
- AI-powered Smart Name Verificaiton
- Geolocation Capture
- eSign Verification Report
- OTP based document acces

Legally Valid & compliant eSign

eSigns are valid and enforceable according to the IT Act of India, 2000. We’ve written legal guides to help you learn more about the legal validity of eSignatures.
- Leegality eSign legal primers

Easily Accessible electronic signature

Leegality is built for accessibility.
- Proven to work in 2G/3G environments
- Create multiple signing invites for the    same smartphone - useful for families    who share a common phone
- User Experience is mobile-first

Automated eSignatures

With Leegality Automated eSign Options - your own organization can sign all documents - in a compliant and easy way
- Doc Signer Plugin
- Automated Virtual Sign

"All the signatures required appear in the right place with Aadhaar OTP signature. So there is no error at all while signing. No missing signatures anymore. All the columns are filled up digitally so there is no manual intervention"

Abey Abraham

Head - Housing Loan & Mortgages, South Indian Bank

We promise an accessible, mobile friendly user experience - but don’t take our word for it.

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What is eSign?

eSign, or electronic signature, is a method of electronically signing documents. It’s a legally valid and secure alternative to physical signatures. eSign enables people and businesses to enter into agreements with parties located far away, in just a matter of seconds. eSign is majorly classified into two categories:

  • Electronic Signature - Aadhaar eSign, DSC tokens, PAN eSign, DocSigner
  • Dashboard Front end: You get an enterprise dashboard - where you can configure NeSL Workflows, Track Workflows, Track Consumption and even go-live at scale WITHOUT an API integration
  • Leegality Services: Get access to our top-of-the-line services team. They’ll ensure you meet your go-live timelines and help you meet your NeSL KPIs
Is eSign legally valid and secure?

eSign is a legally valid and secure way of signing documents. Electronic signatures derive their legal sanctity from the Information Technology Act, 2000, and also enjoy a number of favourable presumptions under The Indian Evidence Act, 1872. Pursuant to section 5 of the IT Act, electronic signatures have been granted identical legal validity as wet-ink signatures.You can check out our blogs to know more about the eSign legal validity or eSign legal enforceability.

Where can I read more about eSign

We have a whole repository of books and articles on eSigns, types of eSigns, their legal enforceability and much more. You can access all this information here.

What documents can I legally eSign in India?

You can sign all kinds of documents electronically except:

  • Documents that create trusts
  • Wills and other testamentary depositions
  • Negotiable Instruments (other than a cheque, DPN or bill of exchange in favour of endorsed by an entity regulated by the RBI, NHB, SEBI, IRDAI and PFRDA)
How do I electronically sign a document?

With Leegality, signing a document electronically is a simple and straightforward process. You can choose from the widest variety of eSign types to suit your operational and compliance needs.All you need to do is:

  • Select the document on which you want to affix signatures
  • Select the eSign type and associated security features
  • eSign the document