See how Leegality is being used in specific industries and for specific use cases

Currently 2000+ businesses use Leegality on a daily basis. On this page, see how Leegality can add value to specific industries or use cases

Documents currently being executed via Leegality

Unsecured Loan Kits
Secured Loan Kits
Demat opening forms
Insurance policy documents
JLG Loan Kits
Hypothecation Agreements
Account opening forms
Re-KYC and eKYC Forms
Sanction Letters
Employment Agreements
Indemnity bonds
Business Correspondent Agreements
Vendor/Merchant Onboarding Agreements
Legal and Technical issues surrounding enforceability of electronic documents
And more

Sample Use Cases

While Leegality can be used for ANY document (except for those listed in Schedule I of the IT Act) - here’s a sample of some of our popular use cases/industries


Accelerate loan disbursals and save thousands of man-hours per day


Transform your banking paperwork with Leegality’s full-stack document infrastructure tailor-made for the unique needs of banks


Get account opening documents eSigned and DDPIs eStamped with a single integration

Human Resource Departments

Streamline HR operations by digitizing employee

Key Fact Statement

Comply with RBI's new KFS requirements with Leegality

Interested in a deeper dive? Check out case studies from Axis Finance, HDFC, Asian Paints and more

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