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“[The new digital process] gives us speed, reduces manpower, increases productivity and improves customer satisfaction as she knows what she is agreeing to while sitting at home and getting it done.”

Abey Abraham

Head - Housing Loan & Mortgages, SIB

Collect signatures from customers and business correspondents through a variety of eSign options

Aadhaar eSign via OTP
Secure Virtual Sign
Aadhaar eSign via Biometric
Secure Fingerprint Sign
Aadhaar eSign via IRIS
Doc Signer
Aadhaar eSign via Face
Automated Virtual Sign

Procure and affix legally compliant digital stamps on all your documents in 29 States/UTs

Full Access

Get access to both NeSL and Non NeSL Digital Stamping

Track and Manage

Track, procure and manage your entire digital stamping inventory in a centralized way


100% legally compliant digital stamping

The fastest and easiest way for Banks to implement NeSL DDE

Access to all NeSL DDE APIs

Get access to all NeSL DDE APIs - lending, eBG, non-lending and more - with a single integration

Implementation Services

Dedicated Implementation Services for API integration of NeSL Document Journeys

No API Integration Needed

Use NeSL DDE at scale without an API integration

Inventory-less Digital Stamping

Gain access to inventory-less digital stamping in 25 States/UTs

Prevent drop offs by ensuring continuous paperwork operations

Backup eSign Connections

When NSDL goes down, Backup eSign connections switch on automatically. Your Aadhaar eSign process will continue smoothly


Experience uninterrupted excellence. we guarantee a seamless, reliable, and always-on performance.

Backup Options

If your customer doesn’t have Aadhaar OTP linkage, Leegality will automatically guide them (and your branch officer) through multiple backup options

Customize how you talk to your customers during the document execution journey - to increase signing conversions

Local Indian Language Interface

Deliver the entire eSign interface and in 9 Local Indian Languages with a single click

Full Branding

Brand the entire document execution journey as per your brand guidelines

Whatsapp Pings

Send signing links, reminders and completed documents to your customers directly on Whatsapp

Customize Notification and Consent Language

Use your own language for eSign invites and consent boxes

Worried about a long drawn out implementation process? Don’t be

Deploy Leegality across your branches without API integration

Branch officers can send out documents for signing in 2-3 clicks with the Leegality Dashboard

Send out documents for signing at scale - without API integration

Central teams can send out thousands of documents for signing via a simple CSV/Excel upload straight from your LOS/lMS

Full Visibility and Analytics

Manage the entire implementation, receive MIS and track ROI analytics through the Leegality Dashboard

An API integration that gets done in days, not months

Business teams can configure the flow on the dashboard. IT/tech teams only need to integrate a low-code payload

Make changes to the API flow without tech/IT teams

Business teams can make changes to the API flow

Dedicated Implementation Services

Leegality provides a full expert team that will help your Bank meet go-live timelines, expand use cases and increase ROI from your implementation

Read about how South Indian Bank has completely transformed their home loan paperwork processes with Leegality

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