How Tata Capital Housing Finance SLASHED sanction letter execution from multiple man-hours to as low as 7 MINUTES

One of India’s largest HFCs has revolutionized the sanction letter process for customers and field officers

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“Using Leegality is fast, it's easy and it's uncomplicated. Somebody doesn't have to be really tech savvy to go through this. It's just one click, two click and you're done”

Sahil Palejwala,

National Manager - Digital and Strategic Initiatives

Quick look at our work with TATA Capital

Hours to minutes

Salespersons can get sanction letters executed by customers in THREE minutes

No hassles

Salesperson makes 0 visits to the customer - both parties are comfortable

Targets met easily

Salespersons meet their monthlytargets with ease

Fast and efficient

Documents executed through Leegality are immune to damage and loss and come with presumptions of validity under the Evidence Act

Reduced attrition

TCHFL salespersons are happy with the new digital process - less attrition

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We sat down with Sahil Palejwala, National Manager at TCHFL to discuss:

How he managed to transform the sanction letter process in just 22 days
Why he chose Leegality for this task
How TCHFL went live at scale without API integration
The behavioural change he is seeing among TCHFL’s salesforce after Leegality