Accelerate your MFI and microlending operations with Leegality’s digital paperwork transformation

Join top Indian MFIs like IIFL Samasta, Satin Creditcare and Muthoot Microfin who have accelerated loan book growth and saved hundreds of man-hours per day while ensuring 100% paperwork compliance digitally

Execute Loan Paperwork

View Document Status

Affix Stamp Paper

eSign The Document

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"We can disburse more loans per branch centre per day. Thanks to this new digital paperwork process, our quantum of loans disbursed per branch has gone up by approximately 30% - from about 30-35 loans per day to 40-45 loans per day."

-Shivaprakash D

Chief Technology Officer at IIFL Samasta

Collect signatures from customers and business correspondents through a variety of eSign options

Aadhaar eSign via OTP
Secure Virtual Sign
Aadhaar eSign via Biometric
Secure Fingerprint Sign
Aadhaar eSign via IRIS
Doc Signer
Aadhaar eSign via Face
Automated Virtual Sign
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Prevent document fraud during the digital journey and ensure easy document audits for your digital documents

AI Powered Face Match
Ensure that the correct signer is signing
Prevent signing from happening outside your branch
Aadhaar Certificate Verification
Prevent signers from using someone else’s Aadhaar to sign
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Ensure that your document execution never stops - even at scale

Backup eSign Connections
Ensure Aadhaar eSign continues working even if NSDL is down
Aadhaar First Smart Routing
Signers are automatically routed through multiple Aadhaar authentication modes before being given non Aadhaar signing options
Low Connectivity
Works in 2G/3G environments as well
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Prevent drop offs by ensuring the most accessible digital document journey for your borrowers and business correspondents

Digital DPNs
Use India’s first digital revenue stamping service to execute your DPNs digitally
Smooth Integration with your field/branch apps
Run the entire flow directly on your field/branch force’s tablets with our Web SDKs (Android and Linux)
Authorized Signatories
Affix authorized signatory signs automatically with Doc Signer or Automated Virtual Sign
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Ensure key operations and compliance steps don’t slip through the cracks

Local Indian Language Interface
Deliver the entire eSign interface and in 9 Local Indian Languages with a single click
Whatsapp Pings
Send signing links, reminders and completed documents to your customers directly on Whatsapp
Shared family signing
Multiple members of the same family can separately eSign a document through the same smartphone
Multiple signing options
Signers can eSign the documents using their fingerprints, face, and biometrics with Leegality
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Indian microfinance institutions are seeing fantastic business results after switching to Leegality driven paperwork

Faster Execution

Less than 30 minutes per day spent at branch on paperwork

Grow your loan book faster

Achieve 30-40% higher disbursals daily

Reduced Costs

Eliminate costs of printing, paper, courier, scanning and storing

Liberate branch/field force

Free up 1-2 hours of your branch force’s time per branch per day

Happier borrowers

Borrowers spend less time doing paperwork.

Integrate with our API in days with minimal IT/tech involvement

Business teams can directly  change and configure the API flow on the dashboard. IT/tech teams only need to integrate a low code payload - and you’re ready to go.

“profileId”: “string”,
 _  “file”:  {
“name”: “string”,
“file”: “string”,    
“fields”: null,
"additionalFiles”: null   
 “stampSeries”: “string”,
“seriesGroup”: “string”,
“stampValue”: “string”,

Skip the integration altogether with our ready-made pre-integrations

If you already use any of the below eKYC and LOS/LMS softwares - then using Leegality in an API journey is as easy as flicking a switch

See how Dvara KGFS Leegality integration looks like in their field officer application

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