How digitizing loan paperwork helped Dhanvarsha increase monthly revenue

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“My field force can be so much more productive because now their job is simply getting in customers into the funnel and probably calling up the customer and saying that "boss, please, I have sent you the link sign it". Earlier on, these guys literally had to be on the streets, not only bringing in customers, but getting all this documentation executed”

Sahil Lakshmanan,

Chief Business Officer @ Dhanvarsha Finvest

Quick look at our work with Dhanvarsha Finvest

Reduction in TAT

Dhanvarsha’s new Leegality-powered paperless document process has reduced TAT from 2+ days to an hour or less

Increased productivity

Digital document execution liberated Dhanvarsha’s sales teams from paperwork - enabling them to meet HIGHER monthly targets

Legally secured

The process is legally secure

Fraud prevention

The identity of borrower is verified

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An interview with Dhanvarsha Finvest’s Chief Business Officer:

How digital documentation has helped Dhanvarsha Finvest increase revenue
How Dhanvarsha Finvest is using specific Leegality Features
How digital document execution has transformed the customer experience
Why Dhanvarsha Finvest paid more for Leegality over a cheaper partner