Work in a fun, inclusive and high energy environment. Grow your career massively

At Leegality, you can exceed your professional dreams while having a lot of fun.

At Leegality, you’ll be helping 2000+ top Indian companies transform their paperwork

"Honestly, I didn't even know such a workplace existed until I experienced it. A very positive, employee-friendly environment. The opportunities and growth possibilities seem endless. Monday blues is not even a thing anymore"

Asmita Kalra

Associate Director - Customer Successe

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"The biggest reason I would give for anyone to join Leegality is that you are provided an environment where you are encouraged to think independently and not just blindly follow a process. This allows you to actually build things and give you a sense of pride in what you have done."

Ritik Garg

Director - Customer Experience

Leegality is a category defining company

Paperwork is a horrible process for customers and businesses - costing time, money and energy.

Leegality is building Document Infrastructure that radically transforms the way India does paperwork - turning a terrible process into a delightful one that drives fantastic business results.

The most employee-loved company in India

Leegality ranked No. 1 with a score of 97 on xto10x’s Employee Net Promoter Score Survey (eNPS), among 150+ companies and 52k+ employees.That’s people working in Leegality rating Leegality as a workplace

The values that drive us

Here are the values that drive Leegality - and make us a great place to work

Empathetic and Progressive Culture

We are creating a highly progressive, open and liberal working environment.

Recognizing company building as self actualization

We believe that a workspace has the potential to transform the lives of its people

High Transparency

We maintain a high degree of transparency across the company because this leads to more effective decision making.

High Ownership

People at Leegality are given a high level of agency, autonomy and freedom

Valuing Fun

Having fun is an integral part of maintaining a high quality company

Open Feedback Culture

An open, healthy and two-way feedback culture. There are no hierarchies when it comes to feedback.

We are hiring fast across departments

Perks and Benefits

Here’s some perks and Benefits of working at Leegality

Bi-annual bonuses

Bi-annual increment


Flexi-hours & Unlimited leaves

Smart health Insurance programs

Hybrid working model

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