How Tamohara Investment Managers is providing a 100% digital onboarding to its clients

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Tamohara is a SEBI-registered, platform-neutral investment management company based out of Mumbai, India. They invest in benchmark and market cap-agnostic equity and multi-asset portfolios, providing fund management and advisory services to its clients.

Tamohara believes that the best way to create wealth is through complete transparency, while taking its customers along this journey. This philosophy is even reflected in their name, Tamohara,which means ‘remover of darkness’ in Sanskrit. 

Since onboarding with Leegality, Tamohara has switched to 100% digital customer onboarding journey for its Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) clients. They have been consistently expanding their use of Leegality’s document execution suite in various verticals like AIF, PMS, etc. organically.
Once COVID came in a couple of years ago, the physical interaction stopped and there was no way that we could actually meet the end client to get his signature. So it was all based on couriers. Couriers were out of action, and there was a lot of bottleneck. Only those businesses which we had garnered prior to COVID coming into the country, were going on. We were maintaining that business, but expansions and everything came to a halt.”
N.G. Shivram
Chief Operating Officer @ Tamohara
The Leegality Solution
“Buying these eSigns and stamps is so convenient for me. Otherwise, I had to send a person out to buy stamp papers, pre-date it, back date it whatever and try to arrange for the stamp paper. And in this COVID situation where most of the stamp vendors don't even come, it would have been a big hassle for me to arrange for the documentation to be complete as per SEBI compliance law.”

“We have seen a man hour investment, man hour upgrading that's happened. So whathas happened is these people have kind of moved on up the ladder, as far as the skillset is concerned, into managing documents electronically. And that's a good investment for the firm to have. People investment are the only things which we have”
N.G. Shivram
Chief Operating Officer @ Tamohara

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