Automate your entire document execution with minimal IT/Tech Team involvement

Leegality’s Automatic Paperwork allows business and product teams to build digital document flows that can handle tens of thousands of documents per day with minimal involvement from IT/Tech Teams

Configure a Smart Workflow on the Leegality Document Dashboard in MINUTES using just your mouse and keyboard

Easy implementation
Can be done by business and product teams without IT/tech involvement
One time configuration
One time configuration of all parameters in your document execution journey - sign types, stamp paper specifications, security features and more
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Go-live with Leegality at scale - without an API integration

Quick Signing
Your branch and field officers can send documents for signing in a few clicks through the Leegality Dashboard
Bulk Signing
A central team can send out thousands of signing invitations with a single Excel File Upload
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Go live with Leegality with an API integration that requires minimal IT/tech involvement

Direct Configuration
Business, product and ops teams can directly configure the API flow through the Leegality Dashboard
Unique Workflow ID
IT/tech teams only need to integrate a Unique Workflow ID - can be done in days
Zero Tech Involvement
Business, product and ops teams can make changes to the API flow without IT/tech involvement
“profileId”: “string”,
 _  “file”:  {
“name”: “string”,
“file”: “string”,    
“fields”: null,
"additionalFiles”: null   
 “stampSeries”: “string”,
“seriesGroup”: “string”,
“stampValue”: “string”,

Skip the integration hassle completely thanks to the Leegality partner network

Leegality is deeply embedded in the wider software ecosystem. If you use any of our partner software already then deploying Leegality in your API journeys is like flicking a switch. No integration effort for your teams. Lightning fast go-live.

Tradesmart_Pravin Dubey
"Leegality excel upload feature gives us the option to scale up operations via initiating the workflow for multiple customers simultaneously. We don’t have to trigger signing invitations one by one for each customer. Every half an hour we trigger the requests received from customer."

Dhairya Shah

COO @ Axis Finance

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