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How Waterfield Advisors is leveraging Digital Paperwork to onboard new clients in minutes while providing a high end customer experience

The story of how Waterfield Advisors, a leading wealth advisory firm, digitized their customer onboarding paperwork with Leegality

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Himanshu M - Waterfield Advisors
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The way the system functions, the flexibility of uploading PDFs, all of that was very user-friendly. The tool itself is very easy to use. The service manager team finds it very easy to use, because of the flexibility of attaching a PDF and triggering it to a customer. It is as simple as that. Everyone has expressed that it is very easy…We also had our clients coming back and saying that this is a very user-friendly application”

Himanshu Maheshwari
Executive Director- Business Support
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Here is a quick peek into what has changed with Leegality

Waterfield BEFORE and AFTER Leegality:

Before Leegality

After Leegality


Cumbersome process for customers: Customers had to fill out bulky paperwork


Give customers what they want: The convenience of a fully digital process is what their HNI customers want and deserve

High TAT

High TAT: The turnaround time for finishing the customer onboarding process was very high, especially when signers were located in different places

Decreased TAT

Decreased TAT to mere minutes: Now customers can get onboarded within minutes, regardless of where all the signers are located

Paperwork Hassle

Physical paper is a hassle: Paper is prone to damage and is difficult to track. Lost papers can become a serious compliance issue

No paper

No paper no problems: Document tracking is very easy as all the signed documents get stored electronically. Additionally, the audit trail issued gives comfort to the compliance team

Lockdown affected

Lockdown affected business continuity: Lockdowns affected the movement of paper and people, thereby affecting business

Business flowing

Kept business flowing: Negated the effects of lockdowns on their business with Digital Paperwork

Waterfield case study


We spoke to Kartik Kini, Chief Operating Officer at Waterfield and Himanshu Maheshwari, Executive Director - Business Support at Waterfield on how and why they went about digitising their paperwork:

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The role of paperwork in Waterfield’s customer onboarding journey

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Their Customer Onboarding Process before and after Leegality

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The business implications of a cumbersome physical process

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Why Waterfield decided to digitise its customer onboarding journey

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The business benefits of Waterfield’s new fully digital process

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Their interaction with Leegality’s support and account management teams

Waterfield case study

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