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With Leegality Document Infrastructure you get eSign, eStamp, Document Assembly, Document Enforceability, Automation, Security and MORE, all under one roof

ISO 27001 Certified
Winner of NASSCOM Emerge 50 Award 2021

2000+ Indian businesses - from high-growth unicorns to the largest banks - use Leegality to go paperless

"We can disburse more loans per branch centre per day. Thanks to this new digital paperwork process, our quantum of loans disbursed per branch has gone up by approximately 30% - from about 30-35 loans per day to 40-45 loans per day."

Shivaprakash D

Chief Technology Officer at IIFL Samasta

Axis finance POC
"Leegality has been a game changer for our frontend Sales Team. We have got a lot of appreciation and acknowledgement about how seamless life has become for them after Leegality”

Dhairya Shah

Head of Projects @ Axis Finance

"We went live in three weeks. From a technical perspective it was very easy to go live. While we are building out an API integration, for faster go to market we used Leegality Excel Journeys to go-live immediately."

Devang Badiyani

Joint General Manager, HDFC Ltd.

"Now our appointment letters reach people before the date of joining and we get a very clean and solid audit trail. We know at every point in time who has done what, when, and from which IP. The documentation is very solid"

Shruti Joshi

Senior Manager - Talent Acquisition & Employer Branding

Presenting Leegality Document Infrastructure

Everything an Indian company needs to digitally transform its paperwork processes  - in one unified solution


Get documents signed with 15+ eSign types. A robust backup system ensures uptime when everyone else faces downtime.


Digitally stamp documents in 29+ States/UTs with compliant digital stamp paper or NeSL "on-the-fly" eStamping

Document Fraud Prevention

Prevent eSign fraud and ensure enforceability with features like Secure Audit Trail, Geofencing, 2FA and Face Match

Document Assembly

Create templates in minutes. Pre-populate documents from your own systems to avoid fraud and eliminate errors

Document Operations

Digitally manage operational steps, like collecting supporting documents, updating stakeholders and getting authorized signatory signs

Paperwork Automation

Business and Ops teams can automate creation, execution and storage of documents with zero IT/tech involvement

Communications and Accessibility

Minimize drop offs via clear communication through Custom Branding, Local Language interfaces, Whatsapp eSign and more

Document Services Team

A round-the-clock team helps you meet go-live timelines, conduct training, resolve issues and enhance ROI

Paperwork Analytics

Get detailed Analytics and MIS Reports that help you monitor consumption, analyze drop offs and generate actionable ROI data

The Leegality Document Dashboard

With most digital transformations, your business and ops teams can’t move forward without IT/Tech teams being there. But with the Leegality Document Dashboard they can begin right away.

Initiate document execution


Invitations Sent
Invitations Signed
Documents Completed

Get started on day one: Configure powerful automated workflows for all your paperwork journeys in less than an hour - with just a mouse and keyboard

Go live instantly: Automatically pre-populate and send 50,000+ documents out for signing - with a single click and no API integration

One central hub for teams to manage workflows, create templates, track paperwork journeys, maintain stamp and eSign inventory, generate data reports and more

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Powerful yet easy low code APIs

Our Smart API allows you to build digital paperwork journeys in your own apps and websites with minimal tech bandwidth

Non-IT teams can configure document workflows in minutes via the Dashboard

Your tech team can integrate our API in a day

Non-IT teams can make changes to API flows without calling IT teams

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