2000+ Indian businesses - from high-growth unicorns to the largest banks - use Leegality to go paperless

"We can disburse more loans per branch centre per day. Thanks to this new digital paperwork process, our quantum of loans disbursed per branch has gone up by approximately 30% - from about 30-35 loans per day to 40-45 loans per day."

Shivaprakash D

Chief Technology Officer at IIFL Samasta

"What used to take 7 days, can now be done within minutes thanks to the Leegality paperwork process"

Arkojit Kundu

Product Owner (eSign), Digital Centre of Excellence

Axis finance POC
"Leegality has been a game changer for our frontend Sales Team. We have got a lot of appreciation and acknowledgement about how seamless life has become for them after Leegality”

Dhairya Shah

COO @ Axis Finance

"We went live in three weeks. From a technical perspective it was very easy to go live. While we are building out an API integration, for faster go to market we used Leegality Excel Journeys to go-live immediately."

Devang Badiyani

Joint General Manager, HDFC Ltd.

"We found Leegality to be extremely simple and intuitive for our end users. This was a critical ask to ensure quick and widespread adoption of the solution"

Shruti Joshi

Senior Manager - Talent Acquisition & Employer Branding

Leegality Document Infrastructure 2-minute demo.

Step 1: You need a document to eSign

With Leegality, you can upload your own PDF or use a template. Here, we’ve uploaded a sample PDF for you.

Hang on, since this document is an agreement, you should not proceed without stamping!

Leegality allows you to digitally stamp in 31 Indian States/UTs

Step 2: Affix a digital stamp

Each page of the document will have the serial number of digital stamp affixed. 

Stamp affixed successfully!

Step 3 : Send the document for signing

  • With Leegality, you can send out documents to as many signers as you want. For now, add yourself as the signer.
  • The eSign interface will open in a popup and you’ll receive the final document on the email you enter below
Note :
*The eSign interface will open in a popup
*You’ll receive the final document on the email you enter above
*Leegality doesn’t store or process this personal information. We will only use this information to send you the final signed document and the Secure Audit Trail.

Complete the eSign in the pop-up window

●    Note - In case the eSign pop-up doesn’t open, check the pop-up blocker in your browser.
●    Check your email for the signed document and Secure Audit Trail once signing is done
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Add document
Affix stamp
enter signer details
eSign the document


Leegality already comes pre-integrated with top LOS/LMS systems, eKYC software, HRMS systems and CRMs. Implementation is effortless. Just flick a switch, no integration effort required for you.

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See if digital paperwork is viable in your organization
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Quickly deploy digital paperwork in your business

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