How Payswiff dropped its merchant onboarding time from 4 DAYS to 15 MINUTES

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“The SET application [Payments App] required the ability to execute the documents digitally - and so we integrated with Leegality for this piece. The biggest advantage with the Leegality integration on our SET application is the moment the merchant signs the agreement they can immediately start performing transactions on our POS devices.”

Prateek Rathi,

Project/Operations Manager @ Payswiff

Quick look at our work with Payswiff

High scalability

Agreements that took days to get executed are now done in minutes and the merchants are now able to use their POS devices instantly

Super fast disbursals

No more physical stamppaper procurement and reconciliation hassles

Reduction in TAT

Improved merchant satisfaction dramatically

Happy customers

Warehousing and Transportation Costs, risk of damage are eliminated completely

Improved work-life balance of team

Productivity and work-life balance of their sales team has improved significantly

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Read Our Full Payswiff Case Study

In this case study, we speak to Payswiff’s Vice president - technology and Project Manager about:

Detailed visualizations of Payswiff’s workflows Before and After Leegality
How digital document execution has become a game-changer for Payswiff’s sales team.
Payswiff’s experience with Leegality’s support and implementation team
How digital document execution has transformed the merchant’s experience