We make NeSL Integration easy for your Bank or NBFC

With Leegality’s NeSL Suite, your Bank or NBFC can now easily integrate and go live with NeSL

Why Leegality’s NeSL Suite gives you an advantage in NeSL Implementations.

Fast & Easy Integration

You can easily integrate with our Smart API and reduce overall implementation cost

Eliminate signer drop-offs

Leegality comes with video and text guided NeSL journeys for your borrowers

Prevent Signature Fraud

With eSign Certificate Verifier - ensure borrowers eSign with their own Aadhaar/DSC

Digital Stamping in 25+ States

NeSL digital e-stamping is now available in 25 States. Get "on-the-fly" procurement of stamp papers with second party name.

Access to all NeSL DDE services

Start using new NeSL functionalities like NeSL MultiDoc, NeSL Operational Creditor Flows, NeSL Information Reviewer and NeSL eBG without additional effort

Best Support & Account Management

Get ongoing support and maintenance of NeSL throughout your usage. There will be a dedicated team that helps you expand/optimise your use of NeSL

NeSL eStamping  - a revolutionary new way to stamp

Under NeSL DDE - banks, NBFCs and other lenders can directly procure digital stamp paper instantly at 1/3rd the market rates

With the Leegality NeSL Suite, you get a simple plug and play access to NeSL's 100% digital stamping - across all 25 States that NeSL is currently live in

With Leegality NeSL Suite, you get

An enterprise dashboard experience for your team

Your product/business/legal teams don’t need to scramble around to book tech teams for an implementation. They can get up and running with NeSL right away through our enterprise dashboard:

  • Instantly populate and send 1000s of NeSL invites without any API integration
  • Track all your journeys, send reminders, manage notifications, generate MIS reports in an easy centralized manner
  • ‍Manage security settings and user/admin access for your whole organization

A low-code smart API for easy integration

API integration of any new software can be stressful in a Bank or NBFC. Our Smart NeSL API makes it as pain-free as possible:

  • Your product/business/legal teams can configure workflows without tech team involvement
  • Minimal tech team involvement at the time of integration
  • Need to make changes? Make most of them on the dashboard. Call your tech team only when necessary

Our market-renowned support and implementation team will make it even easier

  • Meet your go-live timelines - We provide you Implementation and Integration Support, Workflow and Template Assistance and customised Infosec guarantees
  • Ensure smooth daily usage - Our support team is available to you round-the-clock, everyday
  • Succeed and Expand - A dedicated account manager will work with you to improve and expand NeSL within your organization

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What makes us qualified to help you with NeSL Integration?

We are an NeSL preferred partner
We are the market standard for Digital Documentation in India - we have been managing flows for 250+ BFSI organizations. So, you don’t need need to worry. We will guide you through the entire process
Our team consists of ex-IBC professionals with direct experience at the NCLT appearing for top law firms. So, in a matter of saying, we know the law!
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Why should I use Leegality for NeSL? What are the benefits?

There are 3 main benefits you get when you use NeSL via Leegality:

  • Free up your tech team’s time: You don’t need to do a fresh NeSL integration each time you want to go-live with NeSL in a vertical. We’ve already integrated with NeSL for you simply need to create a new NeSL workflow on the Leegality Dashboard and deploy it fast
  • Dashboard Front end: You get an enterprise dashboard - where you can configure NeSL Workflows, Track Workflows, Track Consumption and even go-live at scale WITHOUT an API integration
  • Leegality Services: Get access to our top-of-the-line services team. They’ll ensure you meet your go-live timelines and help you meet your NeSL KPIs
Do I need to do an API integration to go-live with NeSL?

We’ve built a complete front-end dashboard experience for NeSL for your internal teams. So, you don’t need an API integration to go-live with NeSL if you use Leegality.

Of course, if you want to do an API integration - you can do that through Leegality as well.

Is using NeSL via Leegality permissible?

Absolutely! Leegality is an empanelled Third Party Service Provider (TSP) with NeSL. We are in regular contact with the NeSL team - keeping them in the loop on all integrations and implementations.

What is the purpose of NeSL

NeSL’s primary role is to act as an Information Utility - a centralized repository of authenticated debt documentation and debt information in India. The idea behind NeSL is to make enforcement of debt under the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code faster and easier. With NeSL DDE, lenders get a standard way to execute debt documentation - ensuring a standardized mode of storing information in the Information Utility repository

Is NeSL's stamping system physical or digital?

Stamping via NeSL DDE is completely digital - with no physical copy of stamp papers required.