Instant  Education Loans: HDFC Credila Slashes Document Execution Time from 4 Days to 10 Minutes

Why one of India's biggest education loan providers digitised their loan paperwork with Leegality and how it's increasing their business

Quick look at our work with HDFC Credila:

Loan disbursals in minutes:

Loan document execution time slashed from 4 days to just 10 minutes.

More productive teams:

Teams have more time now to focus on customer service and sourcing, instead of running around doing paperwork.

Same day loan disbursals = Happier customers:

Instant loan disbursals and the convenience of remote digital signing significantly enhanced customer experience.

Enhanced Security and Compliance:

Leegality’s fraud prevention suite and secure storage options help lower risk and keep compliance teams happy


Hear directly from the technology and operations leaders at HDFC Credila, who led the charge in dramatically reducing document turnaround time for education loans.

Mr. Shashank Agrawal, Chief Technology Officer, and Ms. Nishita Mazumdar, Head - Branch Operations, talked to us about:

HDFC Credila's old cumbersome physical process of loan document execution
Why HDFC Credila decided to switch to digitial paperwork
HDFC Credila's new efficient, Leegality-powered paperwork process
The massive business and compliance benefits of digitising loan paperwork
Leegality’s support during and after the go-live process
Dive into the case study to explore how HDFC Credila is setting new benchmarks for efficiency and customer satisfaction in the education loan sector.