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Leegality Document Infrastructure 2-minute demo.

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Step 1: You need a document to eSign

With Leegality, you can upload your own PDF or save a template. Here, we’ve uploaded a sample PDF for you.

Stamp affixed successfully

Hang on, since this document is an agreement, you should not proceed without stamping!

Fortunately Leegality allows you to digitally stamp in 27+ States/UTs

Affix StampProceed
Stamp affixed successfully

Step 2: Affix a digital stamp

Each page of the document will have the serial number of digital stamp affixed.

Stamp affixed successfully

Step 3 : Send the document for signing

●    With Leegality, you can send out documents to as many signers as you want. For now, add yourself as the signer.
●    The eSign interface will open in a popup and you’ll receive the final document on the email you enter below

Complete the eSign in the pop-up window

●    Note - In case the eSign pop-up doesn’t open, check the pop-up blocker in your browser.
●    Check your email for the signed document and Secure Audit Trail once signing is done
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Note - Leegality doesn’t store or process this personal information. We will only use this information to send you the final signed document and the Secure Audit Trail.