Product Update - You can now reverse stamps by automatically deleting your drafts

September 6, 2022


Product Marketing Manager


“I purchased 100 stamps and used only 90, then why don’t I have any stamps to use? What happened to my 10 stamps?”

We get this question a lot and here’s our standard reply - “Did you check the drafts folder?”

Because here’s what happens.

You create a document and attach a stamp to it, then for some reason you leave the document as a draft in the Drafts folder.

Here, what happens to the stamp that was attached? The stamp will not go back to your stamp series unless you manually do it. It stays attached to the document unless you manually review and then either delete or send the document.

And that’s why’ve introduced Auto-Purging of the Draft folder.

This feature allows the documents in the draft folder to be automatically deleted after N number of days. The number of days can be configured by the admin user of the organization. This upgrade will put reversing stamps on auto-pilot.

What is reversing stamps?

A stamp paper cannot be reused once a document is fully or partially executed. But what happens when a document is left unsigned? In such a scenario, there is no executed document that requires stamping. Yet, a stamp paper is digitally attached - causing revenue loss. With “reversing stamps”, Leegality avoids this scenario. If a document is not executed/signed, reversing puts the stamp paper back in your inventory for use. 

Previously, reversing stamps was a manual process, left up to the user’s discretion but in a lot of use cases we saw that reversing stamps was a must. Some of our clients even asked their admin users to ensure all drafts were deleted regularly so the stamps could be reversed.

This process was tiring and often didn’t ensure a 100% deletion of the drafts.

With auto-purging, the admin can set the number of days after which all the drafts will get deleted automatically and reverse the stamp back, if attached.

How to Toggle ON auto-purging of the Drafts folder

Step 1: Click on the “Account” option then go into the ‘Department’ tab and then click on the ‘Document configurations’

Where to find draft auto-purging option

Step 2: Toggle on “Auto deletion of draft folder documents” to activate “Auto purge” for the account.

Toggling ON auto-purge

Please note - This is an optional feature, if you want to use you can enable it in the settings and if you don’t want your drafts to be automatically deleted you can keep it toggled OFF.

If you have any questions or face challenges while turning auto-purge ON, you can reach out to your account manager or write to us at

If you want a customized demo of our document infrastructure, reach out to us here.