Monthly Roundup - RBI Guidelines for Credit Cards, SEBI’s latest circular, Leegality Payment Collect Free Trial

August 1, 2022


Product Marketing Manager


This month we bring to you 3 important updates 1) A discussion on RBI’s latest guidelines for credit card companies 2) SEBI’s latest updates for AMCs and 3) Launch of Leegality Payment Collect.

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One of the biggest challenges any Indian company faces is collecting payments such as stamp duty, service fees, etc. while executing documents - this is where Leegality Payment Collect steps in.

You can watch the demo here -

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Thoughts on the latest SEBI Circular on nominations for mutual fund unit holders

SEBI made the requirement of providing nomination in format specified in the Mutual Fund Regulations mandatory. In this update, our in-house legal pundit, Amala, highlights the latest SEBI requirements, how it impacts AMCs and explain how to comply with the latest requirements by Aug 1, 2022.

Here’s what Amala has to say about this circular -

Webinar on the new RBI Credit/Debit Card Master Direction

In April this year the RBI announced a new Master Direction which brought significant changes to card operations in India. To demystify these changes for all, we hosted a webinar with our chief guest Ms. Shehryar Khanum, Consultant with the Fintech practice at Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas. 

In one hour we covered:

(i) Material Changes introduced by the RBI

(ii) What the future holds for non-bank entities and co-branded cards

(iii) How to ensure operational compliance

(iv) Market reactions to the Master Direction

If you would like to know more about the Master Direction and how your business can ensure compliance with it, you can either take a look at the recording or go through our Presentation Deck.

Want to continue to conversation on the latest RBI guidelines or SEBI circular? OR want a customized demo of Leegality Payment Collect? Drop us an email at OR reach out to your account manager.