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We have partnered with backup Certifying Authorities to ensure that your eSigning flows don't stop when NSDL is down (Launching Soon)

Product Marketing Manager
August 1, 2022
May 16, 2022

Did you know there were close to 80 downtimes (scheduled and unscheduled) last year from the current Certifying Authority NSDL? This meant interrupted Aadhaar eSigning flows for you. 

ONE option is to have a backup eSign available - Cloud DSC, Secure Virtual Sign, etc. But would you rather continue using Aadhaar eSign? No problem, we’ve got you covered.

VERY SOON you can have access to uninterrupted Aadhaar eSign services for your OTP enabled flows. We have partnered with Verasys and Emudra Certifying Authorities for the same. This is available only for OTP Aadhaar eSign flows and not for biometric Aadhaar eSign currently.

Once this backup is live, the next time a signer retries the signing link (delayed OTP, NSDL downtime etc.),  they will automatically be redirected to a backup Certifying Authority. If we see a downtime from NSDL we will switch all transactions to the Backup Certifying Authority, till the time NSDL goes live again.  

This has already been activated in all Sandbox/UAT accounts on Leegality. This will also be rolled out in Production accounts soon.  

Do reach out to your account managers or email us at enquiry@leegality.com to know more details.

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