February 2022 : New updates in the Dashboard, wider NeSL coverage and NASSCOM Emerge50!

August 1, 2022


Product Marketing Manager

Best of February 2022 in Leegality


February has been a busy month, we’ve added another feather in our cap with our NASSCOM win, showcased a new eSign offering, improved our dashboard, extended NeSL coverage….PHEW! If you want to unpack any of this, read all about our February in detail below

Leegality wins NASSCOM Emerge50 in the Enterprise Category!

Physical paperwork saps the vitality out of Indian businesses, processes take DAYS instead of MINUTES! And we’ve been putting all our efforts over the last 5 years building products that are helping 1000+ Indian businesses solve this paperwork mess.

Winning the NASSCOM Emerge50 in the Enterprise Category is another feather in our cap, we’re not stopping till we ensure Indian businesses don’t need paper for their paperwork anymore.

Highlights from India’s 1st Fingerprint eSign Showcase

We hosted India’s leading banks and MFIs for an exclusive showcase of Fingerprint eSign. You can watch the recorded webinar here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OecoUM6yriI

Some highlights from the webinar -

  1. We discussed why we built Fingerprint eSign and how we did a pilot test for one of the leading MFIs of India in under 20 days!
  2. We did a detailed walkthrough of how Fingerprint eSign works using our Dashboard and how easy it is to integrate with your front-end using our APIs with minimal tech-intervention.
  3. We answered a lot of interesting questions in the webinar, such as ‘how is Fingerprint eSign different from Aadhaar Biometric Sign?’ ‘What kind of use-cases do businesses need Fingerprint eSign for?’ and many more.

If you want to learn more about Fingerprint eSign, visit - https://www.leegality.com/fingerprint-esign

NeSL eSign and eStamping now offers wider coverage

  1. You can now offer 100% digital documentation to your customers across 19 states, including West Bengal & Madhya Pradesh! We’re working with NeSL to add another state soon, so keep an eye out for the next round of updates!
  2. NeSL offering is now supported on all our APIs and is available for integration for our existing clients.

Activity Log has been updated to offer greater transparency on actions taken through the Leegality Dashboard

You can now check Browser, OS, & IP address details along with date & timestamp in the activity log in Leegality dashboard.

The new Notifications Tab aims to improve your self-serviceability with a user-friendly interface

We’ve taken another step in revamping our dashboard to improve your product self-serviceability by revamping the notifications tab. Go to Accounts -> Notifications and see the new user-friendly layout. In this new layout -

  1. You can toggle each individual notifications ON or OFF with a single click
  2. The add contact button right next to the toggle allows you to add as many contacts who should get the individual notification as you want. This is to help your business trigger notifications to the right team for any use-case.
  3. On the add contact button you can now also see the number of contacts added who’d be getting notification for that particular update.

We would love to speak with you at length about any of these updates, simply reach out to your account manager or drop us an email on support@leegality.com! Till then, we’re off to get a head start on our targets for March 2022!

Team Leegality