March 2022 : Wrap up 2021-22 with Leegality

August 1, 2022


Product Marketing Manager


We’ve been working tirelessly to ensure you don’t face any paperwork challenges as the financial year 2021-22 comes to a close. To make your life easier and more convenient our team have taken the following updates live on the Leegality Dashboard -

Check signature verification details right on the Dashboard!

If verification is enabled for Aadhaar, DSC, Cloud DSC or NeSL, you will be able to view whether the verification was a success or a failure, and what was the parameter that caused the failure (if any).

You can also view the digital sign certificate in case the sign is successfully applied to the document.

Note: this will be applicable only to new invitations created henceforth.

NeSL eStamping is now live for all Banks, MFIs and NBFCs in Kerala!

NeSL is the future of debt documentation in India. With Leegality’s NeSL Suite, your Bank or NBFC now has a fast and easy way to integrate AND go-live with NeSL now in Kerala!

To learn more about Leegality’s NeSL suite, visit -

We also have some updates that your tech-teams would love!

  1. ePass tokens are now supported on MacOS for the DSC & Bulk DSC flows.
  2. We’ve added the mac parameter to webhook. This allows the users to verify that the webhook call is coming from Leegality’s servers.

Signees can now reject invitations and provide a reason in the same signing journey

This feature opens up a channel of communication between sender and invitee using the Leegality app without having to reach out separately. This not only simplifies the communication between sender and invitee but also helps the sender differentiate between the agreements that the invitee doesn’t want to sign and the agreements they might’ve forgotten to sign.

Leegality Retreat 2021-22

We recently went on a company-wide retreat for a weekend full of ideas, conversations and unwinding after a long 2021-22! Here’s what our Head of People Excellence, Tabir has to say about it - 

“Over the last couple of years, our team has grown rapidly. Much like any other company aside from a few team members who met in silos, our interactions were limited to video calls. Therefore, we thought a gathering was due and a weekend getaway was the perfect answer! We traveled together as a team to a quaint hill station. And in the process, shared countless anecdotes, made remarkable new friends and created memories to savor.”

To wrap things up, we’re first and foremost, thankful to each one of you for joining our war against paper. We hope to eliminate even more documentation for your business in 2022-23!

If you have any questions about the product updates in this round-up, we encourage you to reach out to your account manager or simply drop us an email on!

See you in April!

Team Leegality