Introducing SFTP: Transfer your documents to your servers easily

December 12, 2022


Product Marketing Manager


To help you have complete control over your documents and keep your compliance team happy, we have introduced SFTP.

You can now transfer your documents automatically from our server to yours without having to do an API integration.

What is SFTP?

SFTP, or Secure File Transfer Protocol, is a file transfer mechanism that uses secure shell encryption to provide a high level of security for sending and receiving file transfers. With SFTP Integration you can transfer completed documents automatically to your server (without the need of an API integration) with a simple one-time integration.

With SFTP, your documents will be automatically transferred to your own servers within 15 minutes of execution (once all the parties have eSigned).

Why do you need SFTP?

Legal and Compliance teams recommend that companies should keep their documents on their own server for security. SFTP provides the following benefits over the traditional way of transferring documents -

  • No need to do an API Integration - API integration takes time and requires the bandwidth of your tech team. Compare this to SFTP, which  can be done by business teams themselves within 5 minutes, directly on the Leegality Dashboard.
  • ZERO errors - Zero manual intervention, and therefore, ZERO errors. Downloading and uploading each document manually is problematic and time consuming. Even a single error means lost documents. With SFTP, this is not a concern anymore.
How to set up SFTP?

SFTP  is available to all our Business and Enterprise customers for testing till 30 November, 2022. You can follow the step-by-step instructions here to test out SFTP for yourself.

Once successfully set up, both the document and the secure audit trail will be sent as a single zipped file to your server within 15 minutes of completion of the document (once every party has eSigned the document).

In case you face challenges with any of these parts, reach out to your account manager.

To know more about how Leegality Document Infrastructure can help you go paperless while ensuring bank grade document and information security, write to us at for a customized demo.