How can I digitally sign a document?

June 17, 2024


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Digitally signing a document


  • The time for physical signatures is over. Say goodbye to all your paper documents. eSignatures are here.
  • In this post, we will be taking you through different ways you can eSign your document

Electronic signature, or eSignature, or eSign is a fast, legally secure, highly economical and environment friendly way of digitally signing agreements, forms and other documents. With eSign, you no longer need to spend valuable time and resources to gather your signatories in one place. With Leegality, all this is just one click away.

But why is signing a document electronically so important?

The old physical method of signing a document involved visiting the desired stakeholders in person with the document and collect their signatures one by one. This process adds significant business costs:

  • Higher TAT for key business processes
  • Employees spend time doing paperwork instead of core work
  • Terrible customer/user experience
  • Legal risk and damage
  • Environmental damage

While eSign is just ONE leg of the entire document execution process - it is the critical legal event that converts a document from a draft into a binding agreement. Given the business costs, it’s critical that businesses incorporate eSign instead.

With eSign:

  • Slash turnaround time to minutes
  • Employees spend only a few minutes daily on paperwork
  • Customers/users can sign anywhere, anytime as per their convenience
  • Your documents are more secure
  • You help the environment

How do I eSign a document online?

If you are an individual, then eSign is a process that is usually initiated by the person sending the document. Leegality’s Bharat Sign offers a unified stack of eSigning options that lets you affix your eSignature instantly.

Image Aadhaar OTP eSign Image Aadhaar Biometric eSign Image Aadhaar Iris eSign Image Fingerprint eSign
Image DSC Bulk Sign Image NeSL Image Automated Virtual Sign Image DocSigner
Image Cloud DSC Image Secure Virtual Sign Draw Image DSC Image Secure Virtual Sign Select
Image Approval Signatures Image Signature Image Capture Image Signature Image Upload Image Visual Signature (Coming Soon)

eSigning a document using Leegality involves 4 major steps:

Step 1: Create a document you need to eSign on Leegality’s dashboard

Step 2: Add invitees that are required to sign the document

Step 3: Select the eSign option/signature type

Step 4: Send the invite to sign the document to the desired stakeholders

how to eSign documents online

Wondering how exactly can you eSign documents using any of the above mentioned eSign options? Let us take you step-by-step through the complete signing journey.

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