Put your signatures on autopilot - insight into Leegality's automated sign

August 1, 2022

Ritik Garg

Director - Customer Experience


The word automated has been thrown around to such a degree recently that people have actually started looking at the word as jargon that companies put in their description for the sake of it.

In my last post, I talked about Leegality’s bulk sign feature which some people would say is also an automated sign which might be true in some respects. Although, automated should mean something which is self-driven from start to finish.

Even with eSigning – a manual process can make it tedious for authorized signatories to sign documents over and over again. This process is even worse for the hapless employee tasked with chasing the authorized signatories around for their signature!  Keeping this in mind Leegality whipped up the perfect solution.

Behold! Leegality’s automated eSign

Leegality’s in house ‘Virtual Sign’ and ‘Document signer’ form the base of our Automated Sign. Sticking to the true meaning of the word automated, once configured the signer does not have to do anything with respect to signing the document.

Once the Virtual Sign/ Doc signer certificate is configured in the Leegality dashboard, the user just has to activate the automated sign and set up an eSign ID which can only be accessed via a password. This acts as a key to the automated eSign to ensure only authorized personnel has access to it.

Once your automated sign is set up, while configuring an invite you need to

  • Select the automated eSign signature type
  • Select your eSign ID and enter password
  • Send the document for signing

And you’re done.

Within 30 seconds the automated sign will be applied to your document without any human intervention.

The automated sign works in perfect synergy with Leegality’s workflow feature using which you can send 1000’s of invites with a single excel file. The scramble of the earlier paper-based process – with breathless chasing around of signatories – can now – quite literally – be completed with the simple press of a button.

Let automated eSign to the talking!