How does Leegality's Aadhaar eSign Gateway work?

June 17, 2024

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We have previously talked about how Aadhaar eSign works and how businesses can integrate Aadhaar eSign to automate and optimise their documentation processes.

In this post, we are going to discuss how Leegality’s Aadhaar eSign Gateway works and how it can be used to integrate and collect digital signatures from users.  Leegality’s Aadhaar eSign Gateway works similar to a payment gateway, just that here the gateway is being used to collect signatures instead of payments.

Works similar to a Payment Gateway

In a typical Payment Gateway Process, whenever the user takes a particular action, like clicking on the ‘Pay’ button, a request is generated by the business to the Gateway Provider on the Back-end and the user is then redirected to the page of the Gateway Provider on the Front-end where the user can input his payment credentials. Once the customer has inputted his credentials and affirmed the payment, the gateway provider authenticates the payment through its partners, confirms to the integrated business on the back-end that they have received the payment and redirects the user back to the application where he came from.

Leegality’s Aadhaar eSign Gateway works similar to this process. Using our Gateway APIs and Front-end Web, Android & iOS SDK, you can achieve almost similar results.

Steps for getting a document Aadhaar eSigned

The first step is to generate a request for eSigning on user action. A request can be generated by sending basic information related to the user who will sign the document along with the document/data that needs to be eSigned. The basic information needs to contain the Name of the user along with his email ID/phone number.

So, let’s say, you have placed a ‘Sign’ Button in your application. Now, when the user clicks on the Sign button, you sent the request for eSigning to us on the back-end and based on the instant response received from our APIs, you redirect him to our page.

(Depending on the platform you are using, there are various ways of redirecting him to Leegality’s page.)

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Now, once the user has been redirected to our page, they see a page where they can see their email ID/ Phone Number (already sent to us in the previous step) pre-filled. As soon as this page opens up, an automatic Login OTP is sent to the user on the pre-filled email ID/Phone Number. They can enter the OTP and click on the Button to proceed to the Signing Page, as shown.

Once they reaches the signing page, they can preview the document and check if it is correct. On the same screen, they have the option to edit their pre-filled name (again already sent to us) and the optional to fill the Location of Signing. They can choose to skip this option. Below this Box is the Sign button.

Once they click on the Sign button, they reaches the page of the Certifying Authority. On the page of the Certifying Authority, the user can enter their Aadhaar Number and the OTP received on their Aadhaar registered mobile number (or verify their identity through a biometric device depending on what settings have been turned on for their request). Once the user enters the Aadhaar OTP, the same is verified and on successful verification, the digital signature of the user is generated, the document is eSigned and the user is redirected back to the application page.

Check out our guide to creating eSign journeys through Leegality here Go to guides

The signed document is then made available to both the user as well as the business entity as required by government regulations.

The entire process right from clicking on the Sign button in the Business’s application to being redirected to the application after completion of signing takes a few seconds. The user does not have to move or incur any costs for signing the document. For the business, the entire process happens automatically without any manual intervention.

Leegality’s Aadhaar eSign Gateway thus can be very effective is saving significant time, money and resources for any business by automating the legal documentation process in a completely legally compliant manner. If you want to test the Gateway yourself, do click on ‘Try a Transaction’ button on our homepage to go through what your users will go through once you integrate our gateway.

If you would like to test and try integrating the Aadhaar eSign Gateway within your applications, do contact us or reach out to us at for Test Access for the Gateway!

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