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Now enable your customers to sign using their fingerprints!

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Offer simple and accessible digital paperwork journeys to all your customers across India


Many customers do not have written signatures - so they can’t do virtual signs


Your customers can sign JLG loan paperwork digitally using their thumbprint


Many customers don’t have Aadhaar linked to mobile - so they can’t do Aadhaar eSign


Create binding digital JLG agreements without the need of Aadhaar at any stage of the process


Customers spend hours manually affixing thumbprints on agreement kits


A simple, easy to use interface - customers can eSign a complete document kit with their thumbprint in less than a minute


Field & branch officers spend hours managing stacks of paper instead of focusing on collections and customer management


Field & branch officers are liberated from paperwork - and can spend time doing their core work better

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Dvara bank chief - profile

“The best part about Leegality is that it is very easy and simple to use. My wealth manager (who is the interface between Dvara and the customer) finds it easy to use the platform.

It’s a small box where customers can put their sign and it gets affixed automatically on all pages while maintaining the formatting of agreements. Everything is clearly visible and easy even for customers who don’t know how to sign”

L Murty

CEO @ Dvara KGFS
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India’s 1st Fingerprint eSign Showcase



Introducing Fingerprint eSign: Build accessible digital paperwork journeys

In this blog we talk about why we built Fingerprint eSign, how does it work and what are the benefits of using it.

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Yes, it works for both remote and in-person journeys. Fingerprint eSign is best suited for assisted journeys as it requires the signer to have access to a biometric device. It is useful in both branch-led and field-led paperwork flows for banks and MFIs.
Yes, Fingerprint eSign is a legally valid mode of eSigning in India. It is a legally valid mode of conveying acceptance of the terms of a contract under Section 10A of the Indian Contract Act, 1872. The legal validity of fingerprint eSign is equivalent to that of virtual signatures. It can be used to legally eSign 95% of documents (barring (i) documents mentioned under the First Schedule of the IT Act, 2000; and (ii) documents which are expressly required under law to contain a signature). Today, a lot of paperwork is executed via fingerprints. Leegality's fingerprint eSign simply digitises this workflow. For further ease of enforcement, (i) an OTP security layer has been added on top to authenticate the signer's identity; (ii) Leegality backs up the Fingerprint eSign by affixing a neutral digital signature on the document which prevents the document from tampering; and (iii) it comes with a Secure Audit Trail which maintains the record of signing and enjoys presumptions of validity under Section 85 of the Indian Evidence Act, 1872.
No, mobile phone technology currently does not allow for fingerprint impressions or images to pass and be used by other applications as an image. However, you can use the Helper App on mobile phones to use Fingerprint eSign by simply connecting the Mantra Biometric Device.
No, Leegality is 100% compliant with Data Privacy laws of India and doesn't store any Aadhaar data, including biometrics.
Fingerprint eSign is a legally secure way to sign documents using a customer's fingerprint and verified with an OTP. It's the perfect eSign solution when the customer can't verify their Aadhaar details which is a must for Aadhaar Biometric flow that requires fingerprint verification against Aadhaar records or are uncomfortable eSigning using their Aadhaar.

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