Create error-free digital documents automatically before you send them for signing

Create and assemble digital document kits with ease. Leegality offers full flexibility - with Instant Templates, Automatic Pre-Fill and Multi-PDF Kits

2000+ Indian businesses - from high-growth unicorns to the largest banks - use Leegality to go paperless

“Every now and then we need to make changes to our account opening form. With the Leegality Template Engine, we can change these pages very easily. We can just change one page and that’s all it takes. No need to change the entire document.”

Anirudha Basak

Product Manager @ Dhan

Create digital PDF templates of your documents in minutes

Upload a PDF copy of your agreement to Leegality

Drag and drop variable fields onto the PDF
with the Leegality PDF Editor

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Create digital PDF templates of your documents in minutes

Pre-fill your digital PDF templates automatically with data from your LOS/LMS/CBS before they are sent out for signing

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Multi PDF Kits

Combine multiple documents into one unified PDF Kit instantly before you send them for execution

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Assign unique Reference
Numbers for each signed document

Link documents with data: Connect
your documents to their respective loan
applications, customer reference numbers

Easy Traceability: Retrieve signed
documents in less than a minute using
associated loan or application numbers

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