Presenting the new Leegality Dashboard

It's more intuitive so that you get things done faster

It's more data rich so that you can make more actionable decisions about your digital paperwork process

We've fixed annoying interface issues that were present on the old dashboard - for a smoother user experience

Here’s how we’ve made it more intuitive

Easily find what you’re
looking for
Access your documents, stamps, and document tools conveniently from the top panel and only see the relevant folders in the left navigation.
Faster loading, smoother screen transitions
For users using Leegality Dashboard for extended periods.
Improved UI/UX with modern aesthetics
Enjoy a visually pleasing and modern design that enhances your overall experience.
new dashboard image

Here’s how we’ve made it more data-rich - giving you key insights upfront

Responsive Home Page
The homepage of the Leegality dashboard now dynamically reflects your account status - tailored to your user role, account balance, and important actionable.
new dashboard imagenew dashboard image
Stamp Series Management
Stay informed about ongoing procurements, and low or expiring stamp series directly.
new dashboard image
Document Status Updates
Stay informed about document progress, failures, and rejections directly in the Documents folder.
Unified Create Button
Access all create actions conveniently under one 'Create' button for faster execution
Customize Tables and Add Filters
Tailor your data view with customizable tables—add or remove columns as per your requirements.
Contextual Buttons
Perform document actions swiftly with contextual buttons designed for efficiency.
new dashboard image
Direct Stamp Purchases
Streamline your stamp procurement process by purchasing stamps directly from the dashboard.

What’s next?

More changes are coming soon to our Dashboard, including a revolutionary new way to create and send documents.

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