DocSigner - FAQ

Why should I get Doc Signer via Leegality?

Getting Doc Signer from Leegality is easier, faster and more convenient.

We have a partner certifying authority (CA) Care4Sign for issuing Doc Signers. We take care of application forms on your behalf. You don’t have to install the Doc Signer, we will install it - saving you the effort to connect the server with Leegality.

Do I need an HSM for Doc Signer?

No. Doc Signer is a Class 1 type of eSign which means that

  • You can procure it in the name of the organization
  • You can host it on any Cloud
  • You get a compliant way to eSign without the cost or hassles of an HSM

Can the applicant name change in an issued Doc Signer?

No, in order to change the applicant, you will need to apply for a new Doc Signer under the new applicant’s name.

Will Leegality configure the Doc Signer certificate?

Yes, our team can help you set up Doc Signer and configure the PFX certificate.

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