Leegality Flow Episode #1 - How to use the Leegality Workflow Builder

April 14, 2024

Aditya Patel

Director - Growth


In Episode #1 of Leegality Flow, we will be diving into Leegality’s most transformative development till date – the Workflow Builder – a new way to eSign!

What is the Workflow Builder?

The Workflow Builder allows Leegality Users to save intricate signing journeys with multiple configurations for different use cases and deploy them in daily operations with a single click.

You can read about why we built the feature here.

What will the Episode cover?

In the first Episode of Leegality Flow, we will be covering:

- How to use the Workflow Builder

- How the Workflow Builder can eliminate mistakes in your document/contract management

- Leegality’s new SMART Workflow API and how easy it is to integrate

- Sample use-cases highlighting the best ways to use the Workflow Builder

Additionally, at the end of the session we will have an OPEN Q&A session where you can pick our brains on the Workflow Builder.

Who will be hosting the Episode?

Ritik Garg – Ritik is Leegality’s Director of Support Operations and Product Outreach. He manages the Leegality Support Desk and also writes our Knowledge Base.

Nayan Banerjee – A former corporate lawyer from AZB & Partners in Bombay, Nayan is now an Associate Director of Sales at Leegality. He advises a wide range of Leegality’s clients across sectors such as Banking, PMS, Logistics and Manufacturing (among others) in designing and deploying secure and efficient Leegality Workflows across their document management operations.

Why is this Episode relevant?

Through the Workflow Builder, you can save your business significant amounts of time and money per document:

- Send a single document for signing in a few clicks

- Send 1000s of documents for signing to many different signatories in MINUTES

Don’t you want to find out how?

Also, our new API (Smart API 3.0) can only be operated through the Workflow Builder.

Check the Episode here