Solve your paper mess: Use Secure Virtual Signatures

June 17, 2024

Sapan Parekh

Co-founder, Head of Business


Keep your customers & employees happy, documents safe and costs low. Use Leegality’s Secure Virtual Signature.

Meet Parth and Radhika, a young couple in their early 30s who swear by the digital age. They complete their tasks on the go, with quick thumb swipes. They use credit cards for their daily expenses, don’t sign cheques and never stand in a line to buy tickets or pay bills (why miss the cashbacks!).

Radhika runs a fast growing business in Bengaluru. With the year coming to a close, her desk is overflowing with papers – employment agreements that require her signatures, client onboarding forms that require further action, approval letters to sanction the festival bonus etc. She wonders: if her clients are online, why is her document flow offline?

Parth has chosen to use the weekend to find a new gym for his daily workout. Out comes the phone, and he books himself a fitness class in a nearby gym – quick and seamless. At the gym, before he can try the gym’s facilities, Parth is handed over a form to fill. Parth scrambles for a pen, locates every signature box, and sulkingly signs multiple times. He wonders: if 90% of the customer acquisition process is online, why is the rest paper-dependent?

Can your employees and customers’ frustration be reduced while simultaneously adding to the business’ bottom line? Leegality's Secure Virtual Signature is a solution to your paper mess.

What is a Secure Virtual Signature?

Leegality's Secure Virtual Signature is an authentication mechanism which reflects the user’s consent and intention to approve the contents of an electronic document. This approval appears on the document by way of a user generated virtual sign or by the user choosing a computer generated mark.

Appearance of Leegality's Secure Virtual Signature
Appearance of Leegality’s Secure Virtual Signature

What documents can be signed using this?

Leegality's Secure Virtual Signature is not an Electronic or a Digital Signature. If a document needs a “signature” as per regulatory or statutory requirements, Secure Virtual Signatures may not be suitable. Leegality's Aadhaar eSign solution should be used for such documents.

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For all other documents, the Secure Virtual Signature is sufficient as per Section 10A of the Information Technology Act 2000. Routine documents such as business agreements, employee contracts, onboarding forms, non-disclosure agreements and HR related documents can be validly authenticated using the Secure Virtual Signatures. If needed, these virtual signatures can be paired with‘s Instant eStamp services for an end-to-end digital document workflow.

What advantages do these provide over hand-signatures?

Hand signatures are frequently disputed in court proceedings and derail the digital document workflow of your business. This increases the cost of doing business – printing, courier services, longer turnaround time and increased legal uncertainty. It also makes the documents prone to theft/loss, and less amenable to quick retrieval and analysis. Most importantly, your customers and employees are used to online payments, online shopping, online banking etc., and expect a similar seamless last mile experience in their day-to-day dealings with you.

Ease of enforceability and User convenience of Secure Virtual signature offered by Leegality.
Signing Matrix for Secure Virtual Signatures
Ease of enforceability and User convenience of hand signatures
Signing Matrix for hand-signatures provides an alternative to hand-signatures by way of its Secure Virtual Signature. The Secure Virtual Signature involves the following –

  • OTP verification of signer’s phone number
  • Timestamp
  • Audit trail generated as an unbiased third-party
  • Tamper-evident document and audit trail, and
  • Capture of live face and GPS coordinates (optional)

With multi-layer digital verification, the Secure Virtual Signature is very difficult to disprove in court.

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