[Webinar Alert] Section 65B - What an Indian Business needs to know

April 13, 2023

Aditya Patel

Director - Growth

65B Webinar Alert


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As modern businesses digitize, they will increasingly rely on electronic evidence to secure their legal rights in Court.

Digital contracts, email communications, eKYC data – the list is endless.

It is impossible to produce such electronic evidence in Court without producing a certificate under Section 65B of the Evidence Act.

Unfortunately, Section 65B has been the source of much confusion.

The Supreme Court recently removed this confusion in its 2020 judgement – Arjun Panditrao Khotkar v. Kailash Kushanrao Gorantyal.

But what exactly does this judgement say about Section 65B?

How does this judgement impact businesses that rely on digital contracts and other forms of electronic evidence?

Join us on Wednesday, 28 October @ 5pm for our upcoming webinar –

Decoding Section 65B Certificates: How your business can legally enforce electronic agreements

The webinar will cover:

- How Section 65B works for businesses that rely on electronic evidence like digital contracts

- The implications of the latest Supreme Court judgement for businesses transitioning to digital workflows

- Busting misconceptions surrounding Section 65B

- The ideal format of a Section 65B Certificates for a business’s eContracts

There will also be an Open Q&A.

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Get all your burning question on Section 65B answered!

About the Speaker

We will be joined by Vinodini Srinivasan – a practicing trial lawyer at the Bombay High Court. She was previously at Keystone Partners, Mumbai and before that was a Business Analyst at McKinsey.

Claim a free copy of our new Section 65B eBook

All webinar registrants will receive a free copy of our new eBook:

How to Prove Electronic Agreements in Court: Decoding the Law on Section 65B Certificates

The eBook is a useful written record of the topics we will discuss in the webinar.

It has some useful bonus content:

- A sample Section 65B Certificate for eContracts

- A timeline and summary of landmark Supreme Court judgements on Section 65B

FAQs on how to enforce eSigned agreements in Court.

P.S Can’t make it to the webinar? Don’t worry. Just register anyway. We’ll send you a copy of the eBook AND a recording of the webinar after the session.