Introducing Reviewer Roles - build maker-checker flows within your eSign journeys

August 1, 2022

Sidhanth Ramachandran

Director - Product


In the average document journey, the contents of the document are prepared digitally on a software like Microsoft Word and negotiated digitally via email (most common) or a Contract Lifecycle Management Software (CLM).

After this step - the final document is generated - and passed through a document execution software like Leegality for digital stamping, secure eSigning and secure storage.

However, in an increasing number of document journeys, legal and compliance systems of many companies mandate a “final approval” for a document before it is sent to signatories for signing.

This additional step of “final approval” is critical to prevent costly commercial and legal repercussions that can arise from inadvertent mistakes on contracts and other documentation.

That’s why the stage of “final approval” has become virtually mandatory in most companies for:

  1. High stakes agreements like secured loan agreements, investment agreements, multi-crore cash transfer authorizations etc.
  2. Documents which have regulatory audit implications (with RBI and other regulators)
The typical document journey BEFORE Reviewer Roles

The problem with current digital reviewer journeys🤕🤕

Currently, the entire document journey is entirely unbundled - and each step takes place on a different software application.  So you may therefore move between MS office, email, any LOS/LMS/CLM software before sending a document for eSign.

In many cases, a portion of the workflow may be completed physically; for example, by sharing a print-out of the final document with the reviewer for approval.  

But this is a big problem - because even if a document is reviewed via email or physically - there is no verifiable way to ENSURE that the correctly reviewed document has gone out for signatures. 

As a company obsessed with automating document flows in enterprises, solving this problem of document review had been our roadmap for a long time, and was one of the most highly requested features from clients and prospects.

Finally, after months of development, we are finally ready with a simple yet versatile tool that solves this “final approval” problem within Leegality journeys themselves.

Introducing Reviewer Roles.

Integrating Document Review in Signing Journeys 💡💡

The Leegality Reviewer role works in 3 simple steps:

  1. Activate a reviewer in your eSign journey/workflow with a single click
  2. Whenever a document is sent through that workflow - the reviewer will receive it before subsequent signers
  3. Upon OTP authentication, the reviewer can approve or reject the document.

If the Reviewer approves the document - then it will go out to the subsequent signers. If they reject it - the journey ends there.

Check out this video for a visual overview:

Leegality Reviewer Roles solves several pain points efficiently:

  1. Save time: Eliminate back & forth between reviewers, document managers and signers, reduce the need to switch between different software while preparing a document for signing⏰
  2. Avoid costly errors: the second level check by the reviewer ensures only the right document is signed ✅
  3. Flexibility: The reviewer role can be placed anywhere in the signing journey - you can have your documents reviewed after a certain set of signatories have completed the signing journey.🥋
  4. Record Approvals in Audit Trail: You can configure the Reviewer role to ensure approvals get captured in the audit trail. This provides added legitimacy to the document and provides proof that due process was followed. 🔒
Check out our Knowledge Base article for a detailed step-by-step text walkthrough of Reviewer Roles
Your document journey AFTER Reviewer Roles

Webinar Walkthrough

We conducted a closed-door webinar with Leegality Customers on Friday, 09 April 2020.

In the webinar, we took attendees through:

👉Why we built this feature

👉A LIVE walkthrough

👉Some examples of ways in which existing customers are using this feature

👉Future additions to the feature

Do give it a watch if you want to dig deeper into the feature:


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