What the marketing team is not telling you about Local Language eSign flows

April 4, 2023

Ronit Salvi

Associate Product Manager

Local Language eSign flows


  • English-only eSign flows are the biggest challenge to digital paperwork in India. 
  • With Local Languages we solve this issue.
  • Here's everything nobody else from Leegality will tell you about Local Languages.

📈 With deeper internet penetration and accessibility, Indians today prefer to consume content in the language of their choice. In fact here are some stats from Google Reports -

<15% of Indians can comfortably speak and understand English

>90% of Indians prefer to use their local language to search and carry out tasks online.

👥 This means a huge section of our society is unable to get the best out of technology because it is in a language (English) they cannot understand. This has been the biggest roadblock to digital paperwork transformation in India.

And that’s where Local Languages come in.

By offering the eSign interface in 10 different Indian languages, Leegality users can offer their customers the ease & confidence to navigate through the flow on their own.

Choose a language of your choice with Local Language eSign flows
Offer eSign flow in 10 different languages with Local Language

Local Language eSign flows are helping our clients -

👉 Increase the customer’s trust and confidence in the digital paperwork process

👉 Reduce branch crowding

👉 Reduce the time the sales agent spends assisting the signers through the flow

👉 Increase business productivity

You can learn more about Local Languages and how it works here.

In this blog, I want to talk about what the marketing team is not telling you about Local Languages -

🔍 Extensive Research

We researched how companies in other categories are offering different language interfaces to their customers. This helped us identify three things -

  1. There aren’t a lot of companies offering interfaces in Indian languages
  2. Even when companies are offering an interface in Indian languages, they are  doing automatic language translation which leads to incorrect language usage in certain interfaces
  3. The general placement of language translation icons in these apps is not user friendly

We used this research to help guide us about what NOT to do when developing Local Language eSign Flows. We have strived to make Local Language eSign Flows THE market standard to judge local language interfaces in ANY software category.

Here’s how.

🌟 Transliteration & Manual Translation

We’ve done transliterations of commonly used digital words such as ‘Click’ or ‘OTP’ to ensure even non-English readers can read.
In the age of ChatGPT and AI, I’m proud to say we manually translated every single sentence. This was done to ensure the content/ instructions do not change their meaning on translation.

Content translation for local language eSign flows
Every single element has been translated to retain the original English meaning for each local language eSign flow

🎨 Inclusivity in Design

For each language, the length of content changes. This means we had a unique challenge in front of us - redesigning each element on the screen such as Buttons, Instructions, etc. so the translated content fits properly. We’ve paid close attention to each screen in all different languages and ensured that signers have a great experience no matter the language in which they eSign the document.

Design has been created with care for each language for Local Language eSign flows
Entire UI has been re-designed to accommodate the extra space any language with longer character length might need to fit perfectly.

✏️ Local Language icon

The Local Language icon further enforces our idea of inclusivity. Most language translation icons often have English and Chinese characters on them. The Local Language icon, on the other hand, has 3 Indian language characters - English, Devanagari, and Dravidian. Truly Indian.

Local language icon
The icon has English, Hindi and Dravidan characters

You can experience the magic of the eSign interface in 10 Indian languages by writing to us at enquiry@leegality.com.