Introducing the new DTL Podcast - A deep-dive into how tech is reshaping critical industries

August 1, 2022

Aditya Patel

Director - Growth


At the start of the century - technology was the domain of “new age companies/startups” in frontier industries. Think Google, Facebook etc. 

That is not the case anymore.

Technology is fast reshaping even legacy industries like banking, law, finance, real estate manufacturing and more.

This rapid growth, while immensely exciting, is also throwing up key operational, regulatory and inertia challenges that business teams across India are grappling with on a daily basis.

In our various interactions with customers and prospects - we realised 2 things:

👉Digital transformation challenges are mostly never due to “unwillingness” or “old-fashioned notions”

They are often the result of regulation, internal company processes and customer-facing considerations that are core to the business activity of the company i.e tangible and unavoidable structural barriers that have cropped up due to the general business environment in India.

👉Digital Transformations within industries often happen in silos

Despite companies across industries facing COMMON challenges - there are very few avenues for knowledge sharing and best practices. We often encounter tech teams across different clients asking the same questions and facing the exact same doubts and worries. Most public discussion on digital transformation focuses on the end impact of a particular technology rather than the processes needed to implement it. 

That’s why we are extremely excited to launch the Digital Transformation Leaders Podcast Series!

What's it about?

Every episode, we sit down with one subject expert/decision maker from a reputed institution in a legacy industry (like banking, law, finance etc.) where technology is playing a big role. We pick their brains about:

  • The industry they are operating in
  • The key tech trends that their industry - as a whole - is facing
  • How they are planning to meet this challenge
  • The key challenges faced in tech adoption in their industry - and their views on how to overcome these challenges
  • Their outlook on the tech horizon in their industry in the next few years

This podcast intends to directly address the two problems mentioned above by making information, insights and shared wisdom about digital transformation available to key stakeholders, executives and enthusiasts from across and within various critical industries in India.

Who should listen to this podcast

We think you should definitely subscribe to this podcast if you are:

  • A member of a digital transformation/technology/product team of any Indian company
  • Working at a company where technology is playing an increasingly important role in your daily business processes
  • A business head, senior executive or, really, anyone in any managing role at any Indian company
  • Enthusiastic and interested in exploring the intersection between technology and legacy industries like banking, law, finance etc

The first episode is out!

We are excited to announce that the first episode in this series is already LIVE!

We caught up with Cyril Shroff, Founding Partner at Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas (“CAM”). CAM is one of India’s largest law firms - and is also at the forefront of taking legal-tech initiatives - both within CAM and outside the firm.

Listen in the player below 👇

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